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Lake Mead expected to be busy for holiday

Posted at 11:39 AM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 21:02:10-04
UPDATE: Nice weather conditions should draw more people out to lake mead this Memorial Day weekend.
Law enforcement will be out as well making sure everyone stays safe.The park service says despite the historically low water level they are expecting to be busy for Memorial Day.
"It's designed to be 4 or 5 boats to be launched at a time and now were down to two, so, it does make waits a little longer," said Deputy Chief Ranger Mark Hnat, when describing the lake's launching decks. 
That's just one change boaters will have to face this year as thousands of people head to the lake for the holiday weekend. 
"The cut where that boat is beached, there have been times I've been able to take a boat through there," said Hnats.
There is also more land space that boaters need to be wary of when hitting the water.  
The park service said lake-goers should treat Lake Mead like a new lake considering all the changes. 
They're also worried about high winds which can cause boats  to drift suddenly. The coast guard will also be on hand to help assist with the busy holiday rush. 
Lake Mead has sunk to record-low water levels and officials expect the reservoir to continue dropping.
The reservoir's surface on Wednesday hit its lowest level since its creation in 1935.
Though officials say Lake Mead will likely continue to drop two to three more feet through the end of June, water levels are expected to rebound before the beginning of next year, when jurisdictions would be asked to accept shortages in supply.
Lake Mead provides water to Nevada, California, Arizona and Mexico. Facing a drought of more than a decade, it has dropped 130 feet since 2000, sitting at about 1,074 feet of its 1,221-foot capacity.
The reservoir was last at full capacity in 1983.