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Is MGM shrinking booze pours to save money?

Posted at 11:30 PM, Jun 07, 2016
One day after MGM Resorts International rolled out paid parking for tourists, we're hearing claims the gaming giant might be trying something else to save money.
The Las Vegas blogger, who was one of the first to report the news about paid parking at MGM, is now saying the drinks have less booze in them.
"They really are literally looking at, do we really need a lime on this drink? Do we need a straw in this drink?" said Vital Vegas Founder Scott Roeben. "The information I got is that as an overall policy, the pour quantity has been decreased."
Roeben says one of his sources at MGM told him cocktails throughout MGM properties no longer receive the standard shot of 1.5 ounces of liquor. Apparently, they now get 1.25 ounces. That equates to 17 percent less alcohol.
"It makes perfect sense on the business side but as a visitor and as an avid drinker, I was taken aback by that news," he said.
Roeben's report on paid parking at MGM was accurate. So is he right about this news too? We took the blog to MGM Resorts International to ask them about it. They sent us the following statement.
“We feel the blog post is both inaccurate and misleading, implying we are delivering our guests anything less than a quality product. The standard liquor pour is 1.25 ounces at most Las Vegas resorts. In 2015, a company audit found that bars and restaurants in our resorts were not dispensing liquor in mixed drinks at uniform levels. We took steps to standardize the beverage process to assure each customer receives an accurate and consistent measure of liquor in each mixed drink.
Universal spirits and pour size among all MGM properties has improved the guest experience by offering a consistent product across the company. Bartenders prepare drinks more efficiently and consistently by maximizing the use of free pour jiggers and bar guns. By aligning these procedures, we also make training and transfers between resorts efficient and more available for our employees seeking to advance their careers.
This policy is not new. It was adopted and implemented in 2015. We expected no negative comments from our customers and have received none.”