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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Parents upset over distance of bar from Centennial High School

Posted at 7:07 PM, Feb 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-15 22:07:51-05

Parents of students at a valley high school are upset over a distance of feet, not miles, and what could soon be built near the school.

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council approved a special permit that will allow a tavern much closer to the school than normal.

"I don’t know, it’s pretty close to the school," said one mom.
The bar would be 339 feet from Centennial High School. It will be part of a shopping center at Deer Springs and Hualapai ways that will also have a dry cleaner and an Albertsons.
"Kids don’t need any bigger temptation than they already have," said another mom.
"They could go down a little further, where all the rest of the businesses are," said one dad.
Most of the parents we talked with don't like the thought of having a bar so close to their kids' school. But Jeremy Lariviere said he doesn't care.
"I mean this is Las Vegas, so what is one bar compared to the Strip or anything else?" he said. "As far as I’m concerned it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids about those things. So whether it’s here, whether it’s down the street, it doesn’t matter."
But for Lisa Randolph, it's not about kids being tempted to drink -- it's about adults who might overindulge.
"There was just that boy that was killed, hit from behind, that 16-year-old that died from Shadow Ridge from a drunk driver, so I don’t have an interest in any of that stuff near my children," said Randolph.
The council approved the special permit 6-1.

The project is also set to improve the area as the developer has to put in sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

The council also brought up there are two schools in the valley with taverns within 1,500 feet of the school: Bishop Gorman and Faith Lutheran.