UPDATE: Las Vegas woman allowed to break apartment lease after paranormal activity investigation


Terri Bell says apartment staff has inspected her apartment and ownership of the Patriot Place Apartments has agreed to let her out of her 12 month lease early. 

Bell says unexplained and potentially paranormal activities have plagued her family for months since she moved in. 


A Las Vegas woman says she wants out of her apartment lease after a series of unexplained events.

Terri Bell says she moved into her Patriots Place Apartment in December 2017 located near Flamingo and Pecos Road. She signed a 12-month lease but soon after she moved in she claims strange things started to happen.

"At first, I thought maybe it was just my daughter or my grandkids moving through the house," said Bell.

Bell says she finally had enough when an object in her apartment moved without explanation. Bell claims a new bottle of bleach came off a shelf and hit a near by wall.

"It got outrageous, lights were going on and off," said Bell.

"Behind the sofa, there's an outlet where sparks flew and fire shout out of it!" explained Bell.

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Bell enlisted the help of a Catholic priest, a pastor and a paranormal investigator to look into her apartment.

Contact 13 spoke to Pastor Tony Peoples from the Genesis II Christian Center and he confirms he visited the apartment and sensed something was out of the ordinary.

Psychic medium Tena Evans along with Paranormal Task Force was contacted to conduct an investigation.

"Our monitors were hitting max and that is unusual," said Evans.

Evans says a team of people inspected the apartment and found evidence of possible paranormal activity.

"What you do have to be is a skeptic going into a job like this," explained Evans.

"You just can't assume it's going to be a spirit and you are going to capture it," she said.

Evans says voice and sound recordings did not capture anything unusual during the investigation.

"We have to look for electrical problems or certain plumbing problems," said Evans.

However, photos taken within the apartment show possible signatures of paranormal evidence, according to Evans.

"Orbs are sometimes just dust, it can be anything, different lights, whatever is going on," said Evans.

"These orbs are big and it is evident that this is not something that the camera or lighting, or dust is creating," she said.

Evans believes the phenomenon are associated with the land and not the building.

Contact 13 consulted with Mark Hall-Patton, who is the administrator for Clark County Museum and expert on Clark County History about the parcel of land.

"There wasn't a lot going on," said Hall-Patton about the area going back as far as ancient times.

Indigenous people likely avoided the desolate and arid landscape in favor or more accessible water sources and fertile farming land, according to Hall-Patton.

Hall-Patton points to maps, satellite views and deeds dating back to 1970 which shows the lot was vacant.

"It's a fairly anonymous little chunk of land that didn't develop until relatively recently," added Hall-Patton.

Hall-Patton says there was no significant historical event that occurred on the property.

Bell began using black salt, sage and various types of crystals to keep her unit nice and quiet.

Ultimately, Bell would like to move out of her apartment. Contact 13 reviewed the lease and it did not contain an option to break the contract early for her situation.

Apartment ownership, Accessible Space, Inc., said there is likely a plausible and mechanical explanation for the strange occurrences. 

A spokesperson tells Contact 13 the building is new and still under warranty. Power problems, odors and unfamiliar noises are common in new buildings but management will have the general contractor investigate the claims to make sure everything is in order.

The building's ownership says they will work with Bell to make sure she understands her options.

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