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Woman asks 13 Action News to investigate neighbor with bees in his eaves

Posted at 2:15 PM, May 12, 2017

A woman said she is afraid to even leave her house near Charleston Boulevard and Hualapai Way. Her neighbor seems to have bees living in his roof, and she is allergic.

"I'm worried about my dogs, I'm scared to walk them," said Jodi Anderson.

Anderson said she first noticed the bees who seem to be living in her neighbor's eaves last August. She said they went away over the winter but have come back in a swarm.

"I'm like a prisoner in my house," she said.

13 Action News called the Peccole Ranch Homeowners Association. They could not tell us about this specific case. But the HOA said they have talked with the neighbor and are taking this seriously, and bees could be a violation.

We talked with the neighbor too when he saw us in Anderson's front yard.

"I've tried to do something," he said, "I don't have enough money to do anything about them."

He seems to think Anderson, who said she is allergic to bees, is overreacting.

"I guess we can try to buy her a little label maker or something so she can put labels on each one of the bees and prove that they came from here," he said to her accusations that the bees in her yard are coming from his house.

After some discussion, it seemed we got somewhere. Anderson said she would pay to have them removed, and he said he would go along with that.

13 Action News reached out to a local pest control company. They said there is a way to get rid of the bees without cutting open your home.