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Top 10 crime hot spots off the Las Vegas Strip

Posted at 4:57 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 09:11:51-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It's one of those questions you can ask yourself over and over: "Is this place safe?". Whether it's where you live, work, or shop, it's worth knowing how often police are called to that location.

That's why we're reporting all this week on crime hot spots across the Las Vegas valley.

We've done a lot of number crunching and found there are nearly 100 locations where police respond daily. And in one place, an average of nearly 20 times each day.

It's all based on data we got from the local police departments for the locations with the most Calls for Service in 2018.

Big properties on the Strip generate thousands of calls for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as we reported earlier this week.

Here's a look at where Las Vegas police officers respond to off the Strip:

New to the Top 10 list this year is the Bonneville Transit Center, which pulled up to stop at the number 8 spot with the police called for help 911 times.

LVMPD says most of those calls are for disturbances but there were 67 calls for suicide attempts and 62 for assault and battery.

Click each location for ranking and number of service calls

The Regional Transportation Commission provided the following statement:

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s (RTC) top priority is to provide safe and reliable transportation for the valley. Our main transit hub, the Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas serves 17 of the RTC’s 39 routes throughout the valley and sees 12,000 to 13,000 boardings per weekday. The amount of pedestrian traffic in one location can create need for additional security measures. In 2018, the BTC generated approximately 900 calls for service and is also a recognized Safe Place site where any youth can walk in and ask an employee for help, unrelated with the facility or transit system.

Speaking of a safe place for children, Child Haven is ranked in 5th place with 1,076 calls. Metro says most of those are for runaways and investigative follow-ups. But 54 of the calls, which averages to more than one a week, was a call for assault and battery.

The 3rd busiest location with 1,262 calls is Shelter Island apartments on Swenson. The apartment complex averages more than 3 calls per day.

Then it's Harbor Island Apartments on Harmon Avenue at number two with 1,283 calls. That makes more than 2,500 calls for just two apartment complexes, which are run by the same company, Advanced Management Group. We reached out to them multiple times but they never provided an interview or statement.

By far the busiest place in the valley for police is McCarran International Airport. The airport was number one last year too but the numbers from 2018 are nearly double with 6,650 calls for service. That's more than 18 calls per day, every day.

McCarran sent us the following statement:

The LVMPD Airport Bureau operates on a separate dispatch system that is different than Metro Dispatch. This means that not all data from LAS is reflected in the reports run from the Metro Dispatch system that serves the rest of the Valley. However, with the 2018 introduction of body-worn cameras at McCarran, our LVMPD officers are now required to generate an event number through Metro Dispatch anytime they activate their cameras. This explains the perceived spike in calls - it is not a drastic rise in events, but a change in how things have been documented and tracked.

For perspective, 136,000 people move through the airport every day. And more than 16,000 people work on the property which covers 2,800 acres.

McCarran officials tell us the calls for police service include unattended bags, door alarms and other issues that private security would handle at other large properties like the casinos.

1. McCarran International Airport, Russell and Paradise roads
2. Harbor Island Apartments, Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road
3. Shelter Island Apartments, Swenson Street and Twain Avenue
4. The Suites, Boulder Highway and Flamingo Road
5. Child Haven, Pecos and Bonanza roads
6. Sportsmans Manor, Boulder Highway and Tropicana Avenue
7. Boulder Station, Boulder Highway and Lamb Boulevard
7. Boulder Station, Boulder Highway and Lamb Boulevard
8. Bonneville Transit, Bonneville Avenue and Casino Center Boulevard
9. Eagle Trace Apartments, Craig Road and Las Vegas Boulevard
10. Sundance Apartments, Charleston and Rainbow boulevards

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