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Residents without water during major apartment complex renovation

Posted at 4:14 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 09:47:04-04

There is a major apartment renovation near the strip that has some people going without water and air conditioning for hours at a time.

Contact 13 has received numerous complaints from residents living at Las Palmas apartments near Paradise Road and Twain in the past ten days.

Some residents report they have been without running water for up to 10 hours each day. Other people say their air conditioning has not worked, or is not cooling their units to a comfortable temperature.

Contact 13 reached out the property management company and a spokesperson released the following details:

Good Afternoon Mr. Bartels and KTNV Team,
Regarding your email inquiry about the complaints at Las Palmas Apartments, here is a summary of what is being done to address these concerns of our residents:
We recently took over management of Las Palmas Apartments.  This property has had long standing issues of plumbing breaks and water leaks, which have caused the water to be shut off in the past.  The new ownership has invested $750,000 to fix this situation.  We are currently in the process of replacing the hot and cold water lines throughout the property.  This will eliminate future water shut offs and leaks while helping increase water pressure for all resident homes.  This is being done in three phases as the property is divided into three sections.
Currently our plumbing vendor is in the final stages of completing the new plumbing for Section B.  The on-site management team sent the following notices to residents and posted on the online resident event calendar 
-    Notice on 7/18 stating their will be temporary water shut-off for buildings 10-29 on 7/19 & 7/20 from 8am to 6pm
-    Notice on 7/21 stating there will be temporary water shut-offs for buildings 10-21 on 7/23 through 7/26 from 8am to 6pm
Note: On 7/23 there was hot water only for a time period and on 7/24 there was cold water only for a time period. 
In regards to the air conditioning, this community has had long standing cooling issues during the summer.  As background this community runs with chillers for the AC.  Therefore when the temperature started to increase in April, our Maintenance Team would turn on the chillers.  However there was no capability to run heat and AC at the same time so when the chillers were turned off in the winter no one could turn on AC.  
Since the owner has taken over he initiated a project installing brand new air handlers in every single unit.  This is with the intention of stopping or minimizing outages and creating reliable AC during the summer.  Also by doing this the residents now have access to AC all year, which they did not have previously.  With a project this large we have run into some condensation leaks and some mechanical issues.  However our air conditioning vendor is at the property on a daily basis and right now working through all of these issues.  As soon as a resident expresses an concern, from their air conditioning to a clogged sink, the on-site management team handles it as quickly as possible.  
Our residents are very important to us which is why we are completing these extensive upgrade and enhancement projects to fix these long standing issues.  Our onsite Team will continue to be available to help with any specific resident concerns or to answer any questions from residents. 
Las Palmas and Stout Management Company Team

Contact 13 has reported on tenant rights. There is a very defined and legal process to force repairs by landlords. The first step includes notifying the landlord in writing of all issues. 


Nevada law regarding tenant rights 

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