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Request denied for restraining order against Judge Stefany Miley

Attorney vows appeal
Posted at 7:53 PM, Aug 28, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — "I didn't go looking for a fight, but I'm sure as hell not backing down from one!" Attorney Bruce Gale told Judge Joe Bonaventure at a Wednesday morning court hearing.

Gale was alone on his side of the courtroom, opposite a host of high profile, high-priced defense lawyers.

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The group, including David Chesnoff and the mayor's son, Ross Goodman, working for Judge Stefany Miley and her boyfriend, Bret Marshall Parker.

Parker not present in court after evading five attempts to serve him with a subpoena to answer for a threat he allegedly made to Bruce Gale.

"He says, 'You better get him outta here quick before I kick his a--.'"

As 13 Investigates first reported, that was in late June at Life Time Athletic on West Charleston after Gale unexpectedly ran in to Miley and Parker.

"I certainly would not win a popularity contest with her and that's an understatement," Gale said.

Gale helped Miley's ex-husband during the couple's contentious divorce.

He also called the police to report her for domestic violence against her teenage son last December. She was arrested and charged but never prosecuted.

"Stefany [Miley] says to her boyfriend, Bret Marshall Parker, 'Bruce is the attorney who called the cops on me.'" Gale explained.

He filed for a protective order against both, calling their conduct intimidation.

"I definitely felt harassed, I felt threatened... and not just then. Afterwards."

"And clearly you didn't feel it was an empty threat because you took an unusual step," Darcy Spears observed.

"Yes, that's correct," Gale said.

In Wednesday morning's hearing, Judge Joe Bonaventure said he believed the threat was made as Gale described, saying, "This court obviously treats this conduct very seriously."

He added, "It was an unwise statement. It's an unfortunate situation that we've been placed in here."

But he denied Gale's request for a restraining order.

"I cannot make a finding that the conduct alleged here rises to the level of stalking or harassment," Bonaventure said from the bench.

Outside the courtroom, Gale questioned the judge's handling of the case.

"The judge also denied me an opportunity to call Judge Miley to the witness stand as a hostile witness."

Miley remained silent throughout. Her attorney spoke for her after the hearing.

"Nothing that happened between Her Honor and the applicant was factually evidence of any misconduct by her," said Attorney David Chesnoff. "And once again she's been successful in beating off harassment."

We asked Mr. Chesnoff why he thought Judge Miley was the one being harassed.

"I think that Judge Miley is a strong, vibrant woman and I think that perhaps that's motivation."

Despite the denial, Gale says he's glad to have the matter on public record.

"As we stand here, are you still in fear for your safety today?" Spears asked Gale after the hearing.

"I don't know," he replied. "I've been looking over my back."

Gale says he plans to appeal the protective order denial.

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