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Pigeon poop, other problems, eyed for mysterious illnesses at Grant Sawyer Building

Posted at 6:32 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 21:59:02-05

A staff meeting was called at the Grant Sawyer building late Friday afternoon to discuss on-going troubles with the building itself.

Contact 13 got wind of the meeting through an anonymous tipster and tried to attend the meeting.

Employees kicked Contact 13 out of the room, but a state spokesperson released a statement regarding the meeting on the on-going issues 13 Action News has reported.

Complaints included problems with the heat and air conditioning. Other former workers said the conditions inside were enough to make them sick.

The statement from a Nevada spokesperson reads:

The Department of Administration is aware of concerns raised by some current and former tenants regarding conditions at the Grant Sawyer building.  Please know we take these concerns seriously and continue to take action to address them.  The Grant Sawyer building is currently undergoing a renovation project to the HVAC system to replace central plant equipment, digital controls, and valves as well as rebalancing of the whole system.  This project will be completed in the spring and should result in significant improvements in air cooling conditions for employees in the building just as the weather starts getting warmer.  A second renovation project is starting in January to replace the roof membrane and drains on Grant Sawyer which should further address concerns in the building.  Department of Administration personnel have conducted meetings with some agencies to address employee concerns.  The Public Works Division brought in an industrial hygienist who has conducted inspections, staff interviews, and air quality tests to address concerns.  Additionally, the Risk Management Division has contracted with another expert to conduct a second independent review.  Today, Risk Management, Public Works, and the two vendors conducted meetings with some employees in Grant Sawyer as part of ongoing efforts to both monitor the building environment and address employee concerns.  The Department takes seriously our obligations to our tenants and all state employees and will continue to monitor, communicate, and take necessary action to ensure a safe environment. 


13 Action News sent Chopper 13 to check out the roof Friday. From the air, pigeons, pigeon poop, and other debris can be seen on and around air ventilation units.

Contact 13 will continue to follow up on developments with the Grant Sawyer Building.


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