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Former employee says government building made him sick

Posted at 8:59 AM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 13:17:37-05

A former state employee says part of the reason he left his job was because of the condition the Grant Sawyer State Office Building is in.

Louis Haynie says there were days this past summer where his office would be almost 95 degrees.

"It was about 114 outside and it got to about 94 almost 95 inside," said Haynie. "It's not just that the air conditioning goes out, but then it starts blowing hot air from outside, inside."

A spokesperson with the state of Nevada confirms they've had issues with their heating and cooling system.

They tell 13 Action News, most of the equipment is as old as the building and needs to be replaced.

Haynie says the issues were so bad this past summer, he and his employees felt ill.

"We started getting headaches, sick to your stomach, you get home and you just pass out and you wake up and you're just exhausted cause you've been in the heat for a long period of time, about 10 hours."

The spokesperson with the state says that's all about to change.

During the last legislative session, they were granted permission to purchase and install a brand new, state of the art heating and cooling system.

That system will be installed by Spring 2018.