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North Las Vegas police ask for people to report abuse after viral 'baseball bat' dog training video

Las Vegas dog trainer has licensed removed after disturbing 'baseball bat' video
Las Vegas dog trainer has licensed removed after disturbing 'baseball bat' video
Las Vegas dog trainer has licensed removed after disturbing 'baseball bat' video
Posted at 11:20 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 02:32:55-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — North Las Vegas police are asking people who are concerned their dogs suffered abuse at a dog training company to come forward and make an official report.

According to authorities, several people have made official complaints and the investigation is underway after a viral video first reported by 13 Investigates on Tuesday sparked outrage across the country.

Eric Watts says he was concerned after his dog returned from Las Vegas Off Leash K9 Training, formerly run by Willie Harrell.

"I wanted [my dog] to be out in public with people and to make other people feel comfortable," said Watts.

Watts says he sent his, at the time, 7-month old Mastiff mix puppy to Harrell for training in 2016.

After two weeks, Watts says his puppy was skin and bones.

The dog had sores on his neck from a shock collar and appeared to have received no training, according to Watts.

"I was shaking, I hate to say it, but I told Willie if I ever saw him again, I would fight him, I was beside myself," explained Watts.

Watts says Harrell had an excuse for everything yet his dog, Patrick, suffered from the lingering effects.

"He would scratch at [the scabs] so any time we put a collar on him, he would scratch until he opened them back up," said Watts.

When the sores would not heal, Watts had his dog examined by a veterinarian.

According to the exam report obtained by 13 Investigates, the veterinarian found several scabs that looked like they were from burn lesions.

"From what they told me, its from the shock collar being used to the point it actually burned his skin," said Watts.

Watts is not alone in his concerns.

Stacy Wolfram spent more than $6,000 for her dogs to be trained by Harrell.

Wolfram says her pets came back in bad shape.

"We brought them four bags of food, they were skinny, they had rashes on their testicles, the two males did, one male had something on his stomach and a gash on his rear leg," said Wolfram.

Wolfram has filed a complaint with the police.

North Las Vegas Police say any abuse concerns must be reported to authorities as soon as possible.

Several people have posted complaints and reviews on social media, which does not help alert authorities to a potential crime.

13 Investigates spoke to Harrell on Tuesday by phone, and he denied mistreating dogs at his facility.

As of Thursday evening, his cell phone is no longer accepting phone calls.

North Las Vegas Police encourages people to go in person to file a report at police substations or by calling 702-633-9111 and requesting a call for service to have an officer come out to your home to make a report.

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