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Humane Network releases plan for Nevada SPCA

Posted at 2:31 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 00:19:34-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Humane Network, which was appointed trustee of Nevada SPCA after its board quit, has released its plan for the organization.

The plan is as follows:

• Prioritize actions to stabilize the organization

• Secure the finances of the organization

• Establish processes and approvals for expenditures and euthanasia decisions with shelter management.

• Gather information: Obtain documentation, conduct interviews/conversations with variety of knowledgeable individuals, including volunteers, donors and staff

• Establish new protocols and processes for handling donations

• Ensure compliance with state and federal nonprofit organization requirements

• Review governance documents (including bylaws) and policies, and make needed updates

• Review budget and finances, bookkeeping, payroll and HR practices, staff training and safety, insurance coverage, and then plan needed updates

• Recruit a new board – develop and execute plan for active recruitment including selection criteria and requirements for board members

• Investigate allegations – hire an independent accounting firm to conduct a forensic investigation into allegations of financial mismanagement and follow up on our attempts to contact AG’s office

• Create a development and marketing plan in conjunction with a seasoned consultant to raise needed resources and public awareness to care for and save animals and ensure the sustainability of NSPCA

• Hire Executive Director/CEO – Create a job description, conduct nationwide recruitment for a chief executive with a track record of success, a vision for NSPCA, and reputation for reliability

• Assess the current facility to ensure appropriate cooling is in place for the summer and document other needed improvements

• Review animal care programs, policies, processes, and staffing levels – prioritize needed improvements and create a plan to bring NSPCA in line with current best practices wherever needed.

• Facilitate strategic planning session with new board to set the organization on a solid course for the future.

About This Plan
This is a living document: this plan will be undated as needed on an ongoing basis. The above elements of the plan are not necessarily in the order in which they will be undertaken – some of the initial items are completed and many are underway.

About NSPCA and This Effort
NSPCA plays a vital role in animal lifesaving in Las Vegas. Many people have put their hearts and souls into helping animals at NSPCA and into ensuring that the organization is on the best path forward.

Humane Network is honored to be part of helping NSPCA through this difficult time. Our goal is to revitalize NSPCA and to regain public trust in the organization. We believe NSPCA can become a great organization that serves the animals and animal-loving people in Clark County with integrity.

There is a great deal to be done to achieve this goal, and it will not be accomplished overnight. It also cannot be done by Humane Network or the staff and volunteers at NSPCA alone. The success of NSPCA is going to depend upon the support of community. The community brought about this most recent change and we are, on behalf of the animals, asking for your support going forward.

Humane Network Team for NSPCA: Bonney Brown, Mark Robison, and Vanessa Porter

Nevada SPCA under investigation by Nevada Attorney General
Humane Network appointed trustee of Nevada SPCA in Las Vegas

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