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Henderson City Council passes 6-month moratorium on marijuana sales

Posted at 6:56 PM, Feb 07, 2017

The Henderson City Council unanimously passed a 6-month moratorium on the sale of recreational marijuana in the city.

It blocks the licensing and operation of recreational marijuana establishments and prevents the cultivation, testing and transportation of marijuana.

According to the ordinance, the moratorium will allow city officials to consider regulations that will work with the regulatory scheme enacted by the state.
The moratorium can be lifted at any time once the City Council adopts regulations on the sale of recreational marijuana.
The city has issued 15 business licenses for medical marijuana establishments including five dispensaries, six cultivation facilities, three production facilities and a cultivation and production facility.

One man who works for a marijuana cultivation and production company based in Henderson says there is one part of legalization that does bring reason for a safety concern.

"My suggestion would be ... disallow consumption on site," said Taylor Howard of Agua Street LLC.

However, he says allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in Henderson would bring more jobs and tax revenue.

Question 2 passed by voters in November legalized the use of recreational marijuana in Nevada, but stores will not be allowed to sell the drug for several months.