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Flights resume on tribal land after fatal Grand Canyon crash

Posted at 2:13 PM, Feb 14, 2018

Flight restrictions put in place after a sightseeing helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon have been lifted.

Three British tourists were killed in the crash Saturday on tribal land outside the national park. The medical examiner's office that did the autopsies says they died of multiple injuries.

The pilot and three other Britons were critically injured and taken to a Las Vegas trauma center.

The Federal Aviation Administration had imposed flight restrictions on the Hualapai reservation for any aircraft not involved in rescue and recovery efforts. A spokesman said Wednesday that those restrictions are no longer in effect.

The wreckage of the Airbus EC130 B4 was extracted Tuesday and has been taken to Phoenix to be examined by the National Transportation Board as part of its investigation. A preliminary report is expected before the end of the month.