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FINAL DECISION: No charges against Las Vegas police officers who killed Jorge Gomez

Posted at 9:14 AM, May 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-20 16:32:10-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has decided that it will not pursue criminal charges against the four police officers who shot and killed Jorge Gomez during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Las Vegas.

The shooting happened on June 1 near the federal courthouse on Las Vegas Boulevard. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says that Gomez raised at gun at officers who were guarding the building.

Gomez was shot multiple times during the encounter.

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A 79-page legal analysis was released early Thursday morning. The report concludes: “Based on the review of the available materials and application of Nevada law to the known facts and circumstances, we conclude that the actions of all four (4) shooting officers were reasonable and/or legally justified. The law in Nevada clearly states that homicides which are justifiable or excusable are not punishable. (NRS 200.190). A homicide which is determined to be justifiable shall be “fully acquitted and discharged.” See NRS 200.190.

As there is no factual or legal basis upon which to charge, unless new circumstances come to light which contradict the factual foundation upon which this decision is made, no charges will be forthcoming against the shooting officers.”

READ THE LEGAL ANALYSIS (Warning: Graphic images and details contained in the report)

The LVMPD officers involved in the shooting are Ryan Fryman, Dan Emerton, Andrew Locher and Vernon Ferguson.

Gomez’s family and others have insisted that Gomez did nothing wrong that night and was simply exercising his right to protest and carry arms as allowed by Nevada law.

The Gomez family filed a civil lawsuit against the police department and officers who were involved after the shooting. Additionally, multiple protests have been held in support of Gomez, including some outside of police officers' homes.

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A fact-finding review was held in April. After the review, Gomez's mother and attorney said they knew the officers would never face charges.

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