Safety and security issues surrounding Nevada election

Posted at 9:34 AM, Oct 27, 2020

13 Action News has been taking a look at some of the safety and security issues surrounding the election process in Clark County and Nevada. Here are the stories:

How to block annoying political texts and calls
Americans will receive more than 3,000,000,000 political texts this election season. Find out how you can block them.

Nevada, Clark County officials warn of unofficial ballot sites
The Clark County Elections Office says it has received reports of two unofficial ballot collection sites popping up in the Las Vegas valley that they cannot monitor, and there could be more.

How to vote safely around electioneers
Social distancing measures put in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus has stretched fewer voters into longer lines and longer lines expose more people to potentially aggressive electioneers.

High demand fills poll worker positions leaves many out of the process
Thousands of workers picked to make the process run smoothly were all in place at the 35 open ballot sites. Not everyone was able to get a job however.

Voters encounter issues during this year's primary election
Long lines with people waiting for up to 7 hours at the few locations open was just one of the issues from yesterday’s primary election in Clark County.