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CCSD testing flexible seating in some classrooms

Posted at 5:16 AM, Oct 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-28 08:21:20-04

A new trend in the classroom is sweeping the nation; some teachers are trying it out right here in Las Vegas.

In Mrs. Vinograd’s fourth grade class, kids are sitting on top of the desks, in bean bags, even on the couch or floor.

It's called flexible seating.

Basically, teachers are saying goodbye to the standard desk and chair.

"My favorite one are these puffy chairs," Giselle Rodriguez said

"Flexible seating gives me the power of choice to sit where I need to sit," Abigayle Donham said.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable in a hard chair, Mrs. Vinograd encouraged her students to test about 15 different seating options.

Giving the student’s the option to decide where they learn the best, and stay focused the longest.

"When you're relaxed you get all your creative juices flowing so all those things, your brain is relaxed, your body is relaxed so your brain starts to work a little better," Rodriguez said.
"It increased my like how we work and it increased my stamina too," Donham said.

All of the teachers at Snyder Elementary have transitioned into some form of flexible seating.

"It’s not just like plug and chug any more. They're doing some really deep critical thinking. And it's exhausting. So being able to be comfortable where you are sitting and be focused is so important," Rachel Vinograd said.

Better test scores, higher grades and a lower absence rates are proving the power of choice to sit where you learn best is working.

"I would say to someone that doesn't think it works...it is a tool and at our school we treat things with respect and everything is a privilege for us," Donham said.

Flexible seating isn't just a free for all.

Mrs. Vinograd spends time with the students analyzing each seat to make sure the students are in the best frame of mind in their chosen seat.