Soul food, tacos and more on Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Our Dirty Dining experience begins at Don Tortaco Mexican Grill on Blue Diamond and Cimarron. It got a 38-demerit C grade on its July 24 inspection.  

The health inspector saw a food handler return to work after eating without washing hands.  

Shredded beef tacos in the fridge had been expired for four days.  

There was dried food debris on knives, pans and lids in clean storage.  

Hot rice was stored in a plastic grocery bag and cutting boards were heavily scored, stained and no longer cleanable.

"This location restaurant is near to close," said Manager Oscar Godinez. He says it's closing in September because it's too close to another Don Tortaco and doesn't get enough foot traffic anymore.
As for the bad inspection, Godinez says the problem is the health inspector, not the restaurant.

"The Health Department was a little rude with us. It's the first time this happened."

It's true that they've had one B and otherwise all A's since opening 10 years ago.

"It sounds like you think the inspector was a little bit too harsh and a little too picky," said Darcy Spears.

"A little bit? No, a lot," said Godinez.

Don Tortaco still has a C, but Godinez says they're ready for re-inspection.  

When we saw their C grade was missing from the wall where the health inspector left it, Godinez says, "Oh, we have it in the office."

"In the office?" Spears responded. "You know it has to be up for the public to see?"

"Yeah," he answered, but made no move to get it and put it back up on the wall.

The imminent health hazard closures begin at M & M Soul Food Cafe on Charleston and Valley View.  

The Dirty Dining repeat offender has been shut down since July 23 for a multi-generational, multi-species cockroach infestation.  

In addition to lots of bugs, inspectors found wet and soiled floors, food debris and oil inside cabinets, holes in walls and foundation issues.  

There was also a lot of food in the temperature danger zone, including raw chicken and raw fish.  

The Health District says M & M has not scheduled re-inspection and remains closed. We tried calling the restaurant for comment multiple times over multiple days, but there was no answer and no way to leave a message.

Penn's Thai House in Henderson on Sunset near Gibson is another Dirty Dining repeat offender.  

It was shut down July 25 for inadequate refrigeration.  

Despite moldy soda nozzles, greasy walls and dirty floors, it reopened the next day with a nine-demerit A.

No one from Penn's returned our call for comment.

Pad Thai restaurant on Rancho near Charleston was shut down July 23 for lack of adequate refrigeration.  

It reopened the next day with a zero-demerit A grade. 

The owner says high heat caused problems with their refrigeration and cooling units but they spent thousands of dollars and worked overnight to reopen the next day.

The butcher room inside Wang Globalnet on East Sahara in Commercial Center was shut down July 25 for inadequate employee handwashing facilities.  

Also, equipment was really dirty with dried chunks of old meat. 

It reopened July 27 with a zero-demerit A grade.

We were unable to reach Wang Globalnet for comment. The phone number they have listed with the Health District is invalid and there is no alternate number.

Lastly, the movie theater snack bar at Buffalo Bill's casino resort in Primm proves once again that rats have a sweet tooth.  

It was shut down July 25 for gross, unsanitary conditions after inspectors found rodent droppings around the candy cabinet, which was sealed with tape to keep pests out.  

The person in charge told inspectors he was aware of the rodent activity.  

The snack bar reopened with a zero-demerit A grade on August 3.

Buffalo Bill's did not respond to our phone and email requests for comment.

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