Roaches at Bachi Burger on Dirty Dining

Second Bachi Burger location to have roaches

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Gourmet burgers and cockroaches go hand in hand again this week.

But first, moldy, spoiled food helps push a restaurant over 50 demerits.  

This week's biggest offender in terms of demerits is Rincon Catracho.  

They now have a five-demerit A grade, but the restaurant on Maryland Parkway and Flamingo racked up 52 demerits on its November 20 inspection, which resulted in immediate closure.

The inspector noted Rincon Catracho has now "Failed a consecutive routine inspection after a C downgrade in May."  

As a result, they have to go through intervention training with the Health District.

Inspectors saw a food handler touch ready-to-eat rice with soiled gloves three separate times.

There were also multiple large containers of peppers and tomatillos that were moldy and spoiled

Inspectors also found a large container of expired chicken tamales, multiple large flies concentrated in the food prep area, uncovered food throughout the cooler and food equipment with excessive dried food debris that was stored as clean.

Employees called the boss when we arrived and handed over the phone.

We told her why we were there and she pointed to the fact that they got their A grade back.

When we asked for comment on the moldy, expired and spoiled food, she said she'd fixed everything and then asked us to leave the restaurant.

The closures continue with Bachi Burger--back on Dirty Dining with a second location shut down for a cockroach infestation.  

Last week, it was the one on Windmill and Bermuda.  

Now, the Sahara and Fort Apache location has also been overrun by roaches.  

Inspectors validated a complaint that said cockroaches were everywhere in the restaurant and they'd had the problem for months.  

The complainant wrote: "They get on counters, serving trays and in the back with the food..."

Domino's Pizza on Lake Mead and Belmont was shut down for the imminent health hazard of no hot water.

And Hong Kong Garden Seafood and BBQ on Jones near Desert Inn is making its third appearance on Dirty Dining.  

This time, it was shut down after a fire at the cookline, which spread through a shared wall, causing closure at Ding's Garden restaurant as well.

Bachi Burger re-opened Monday.

Domino's also re-opened with an A grade.  

Hong Kong Garden and Ding's Garden are still closed.

Documentation from SNHD for restaurants featured in this week's Dirty Dining:

Bachi Burger at 9410 W Sahara, complaint report

Bachi Burger inspection report

Rincon Catracho inspection report

Domino's Pizza #7451 inspection report

Hong Kong Garden Seafood BBQ inspection report

Ding's Garden inspection report

Weekly restaurant inspection downgrade report for 11/20-11/26/17

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