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Ohana, Bachi Burger and more create dirty half-dozen | Dirty Dining

Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 11:33:40-05

We're calling this edition "The Dirty Half-Dozen."

Six restaurants made the Dirty Dining list this week, including four imminent health hazard closures for cockroach infestations.  

Ohana Hawaiian BBQ on Eastern and Warm Springs did not have roaches but did have the highest demerits -- 38 and a C grade.

That C grade was not displayed when we arrived to speak to the manager, but she put it back in public view after we questioned her.

Inspectors wrote up multiple handwashing violations at Ohana.  

They also found chicken improperly thawing, short ribs and macaroni salad at unsafe temperatures and heavy grease and food debris around the floor sink.

"We are aware of it and it has to do a lot with procedure," said Manager Brittany Ignacio.

She says they're working on everything and have already met with the staff.

"Every restaurant gets busy, and we do slip and fall into trying to do shortcuts and stuff," Ignacio said.

The imminent health hazard closures begin at Bachi Burger on Windmill and Bermuda where the roaches are so comfortable that a health inspector held one in the palm of his hand.  

The person in charge told inspectors Bachi Burger hadn't had pest control for four months since a management change.  

There were also multiple holes in walls and the ceiling, and excessive dirt and debris on equipment, floors and the grill.

The roach parade continues at Dakao bakery on Spring Mountain near Lindell.  

A customer filed a formal complaint with the Health District, writing, "I found a cockroach in my sandwich as I was inspecting it for jalapeno peppers! So disgusted! I had already taken a few bites and almost threw up!"  

Inspectors verified the complaint and shut Dakao down after finding roaches "scurrying around" and an active multi-generational infestation.

At Nigerian Cuisine on Maryland Parkway near Tropicana -- more roaches, including one with an attached egg sac on a cutting board.

Lulu's Bakery on Jones and Vegas Drive is our fourth imminent health hazard closure caused by cockroaches.

The last closure, at Peggy Sue's on Sandhill Boulevard in Mesquite, was due to a failed scheduled re-inspection from a previous C downgrade.

Ohana says they'll be reinspected Thursday.  

All the rest re-opened with A grades except Nigerian Cuisine, which is still closed. They have a tentative re-inspection scheduled for next week.

Documents from Southern Nevada Health District

Weekly restaurant inspection downgrade report

Ohana inspection report

Bachi Burger inspection report

Lulu's Bakery inspection report

Peggy Sue's inspection report

Nigerian Cuisine inspection report

Dakao Bakery complaint

Dakao Bakery inspection report