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Nanay Gloria's, Harrah's, Payless Pizza and more on Dirty Dining

Posted at 10:45 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 16:06:35-04

A hanging pig dripping blood and a container of cake mix infested with insects are two images captured by the Health District at Nanay Gloria's Filipino fast food on Maryland Parkway near Sahara.  

The buffet restaurant is a Dirty Dining repeat offender and the pictures came from their April 5 inspection, which resulted in a 39-demerit C grade.  

When we walked in on Tuesday they were in the midst of their re-inspection where they got their A grade back.

We waited for the owner, Lita Bobadilla, to finish with the health inspector and when we asked her about the C grade they just recovered from, she said, "I'm outraged! I'm very mad that this thing happened. It's just... They're careless, they have no self discipline."

She says her employees let her down and after the C grade inspection she fired one and retrained the rest.

On April 5, inspectors found in-use bags of expired spinach ranging in best by dates from April 2 back to March 25.  

There were also repeat violations for uncovered raw steak and not enough sanitizer.  

And as for that insect-infested cake mix in their dry storage area, Lita said, "Everything that we're using is right in the kitchen and probably they just forgot all about it because we never use cake flour or things like that because we don't bake anything in here."

We've got three imminent health hazard closures beginning at Harrah's hotel casino on the strip.  

Their Food Hall Noodle Bar was shut down April 4 after inspectors validated a complaint that they were in full operation during an active sewage backup.  

All food in reach in coolers and make tables were found to be potentially contaminated and had to be thrown out.  

A spokesperson said "While the initial inspection revealed areas for improvement, we are happy to report that a re-inspection of the facility showed all issues were addressed and our A rating was reinstated."  

Noodle Bar re-opened April 9 with zero demerits.  

Payless Pizza and Ribs on Tropicana near Jones was shut down April 4 for cockroaches and gross, unsanitary conditions.  

Inspectors found excessive food and grease debris throughout the facility and in several of their pictures, the debris under equipment is so heavy you can't even tell what color the floor is.

There were also moldy green peppers, dirty utensils and oily pizza pans.

Plus, black and brown build-up in grooves of an in-use cutting board and dried red debris on the wall of the walk-in.  

The inspector noted that Payless Pizza self-closed and that the entire facility needs deep cleaning and significant improvement.  

They jumped into action and were back to a zero-demerit A grade on April 6.  

John DeJesus, the restaurant's supervisor, told us he's helping get the owner up to speed.  

He says the current owner was a silent partner until the man running the day-to-day operations recently died. They've been working hard to improve opening, closing and cleaning procedures.  He says there were a few bugs but no infestation, emphasized that they self-closed and that it only took two days to get back open with a zero-demerit A, and believes that speaks volumes to their commitment to improving.

Alfredo's A Mexican food in Mesquite was shut down April 3 after inspectors validated a cockroach complaint.  

A customer complained that roaches were crawling on cups near the cash register and the inspector found dozens of live and dead roaches throughout the facility.  

The pest infestation created an imminent health hazard.  

Conditions contributing to the infestation included lots of food debris and grease on floors and rotten food below the refrigeration unit with roaches actively feeding on it.  

Alfredo's was back to zero-demerit A grade on April 9.  

Owner Leo Acosta said he was embarrassed by what happened and doesn't like excuses, but that everybody has problems in the restaurant industry.  

He acknowledges that they were in the wrong but says they fixed the problems and are working to get better so this doesn't happen again.

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