Food poisoning scare at McDonald's plus El Coyote Charro on Dirty Dining

MESQUITE (KTNV) - We drove to Mesquite to visit El Coyote Charro to get their side of the story after 48 demerits led to closure by the Health District.

The person in charge, who did not give his name, said, "I got no comments about it. It's a mistake we made."

The Dirty Dining repeat offender made lots of mistakes, according to the October 19 inspection report from the Southern Nevada Health District.

Before getting their A grade back, the restaurant on Sandhill Boulevard was shut down for excessive demerits. And it needed a serious deep cleaning.  

Inspectors found many of the same violations this time as they did just over two years ago when El Coyote Charro was shut down with 44 demerits.  

At the time, they told us they were sad because they'd only been open for a month when health inspectors shut them down.

This time inspectors found:

  • A cooler door and floor covered in old food debris
  • Multiple dirty containers
  • Torn cloth in an open bin of dried chile that had multiple holes burned through it
  • Contaminated salt in an open, soiled container
  • Sliced onions in a soiled bin
  • An excessive amount of flies on the pest strip
  • Salsa and the el pastor meat cone were at unsafe temperatures and had to be thrown out
  • Debris from the slicer was spraying onto the dry storage area 
  • Bags of bay leaves were in a dirty container with moldy food debris underneath

"It was just little stuff," said the person in charge. "Everything is under control and I got no more comments, okay? Have a good day."

What he calls "little stuff" inspectors call excessive, as in excessive amounts of food debris coating the can opener and holder and a cutting board excessively soiled and grooved.

Also, multiple dirty utensils and kitchenware were stored as clean.  

But El Coyote Charro jumped into action to fix things, beginning deep cleaning before inspectors even left the building.

There was one imminent health hazard closure and it, too, was in Mesquite.  

McDonald's on Mesa and Pioneer was shut down for a suspected outbreak of food borne illness.

On October 19 inspectors witnessed:

  • Improper hand washing after handling raw chicken
  • The same spatula being used for both raw and cooked chicken
  • Cooked sausage patties were stored in direct contact with raw hamburgers in the freezer
  • Chicken was undercooked  
  • Raw chicken tenders, yogurt and milkshake mix were at unsafe temperatures

Like El Coyote Charro, McDonald's also quickly re-opened with a zero-demerit A grade.


El Coyote Charro inspection report

McDonald's inspection report

McDonald's inspection report part 2

PHOTOS from both restaurants are featured in the media player at the top of this page

SNHD Weekly Inspection Downgrade Report from 10/16-10/22/17

This is the report that Darcy Spears uses to determine the restaurants that will be featured on Dirty Dining. This report includes 38 restaurants. 24 received B downgrades. 12 received C downgrades. 2 restaurants were listed as closed with fees.

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