Gross, unsanitary conditions at Nozomi Sushi on Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - The Health District's pictures tell the dirty dining story at Nozomi sushi restaurant on Charleston and Rancho.  

It was shut down March 20 with 41 demerits and an imminent health hazard.  

Inspectors noted multiple conditions and improper food safety practices endangering public health and safety.

Nozomi was back to a zero-demerit A grade on March 26.

"We solved the problems," said Nozomi's manager, who didn't want his face on camera and wouldn't answer questions about the violations.  

Inspectors say food handlers were unable to properly wash their hands because Nozomi was operating without soap for handwashing.  

There were raw oysters in the freezer dated December 20, 2017 and in-use containers of expired food in the fridge including cut greens with a sell-by date of March 10 and a large tub of yogurt with a sell-by date of February 1.

"Did you have any concerns with the Health District and how they conducted the inspection?" Darcy Spears asked.

"There were some misunderstandings and stuff but we talked to each other, we figured it out and now we are totally fine," the manager answered.

Other violations included:

  • An open employee beverage and cell phone on a prep table
  • A food handler cutting raw chicken with visible blood next to and over an open container of salad mix 
  • Heavy food debris and build-up on food containers, equipment, floors and walls.
  • There was garbage on floors throughout the back prep area, excessive grease build-up throughout the cooking area and on equipment.
  • The person in charge was not knowledgeable in food safety.

Nozomi's manager came out to the parking lot after speaking to the owner to tell us, "He said, like I said, there was something going on with stuff and that we fixed everything and we got an A."

There were three other imminent health hazard closures.

Carey Mini-Mart snack bar on Carey and M.L.K. Blvd. was shut down March 19 for no hot water. The Health District says it's still closed at this time and the facility has not been in contact with the inspector.

Cambridge Market restaurant on Cambridge and Dumont was shut down March 20 after inspectors following up on a complaint found them cooking under a hood that had been deemed unsafe by both the Fire Department and the Health District.  According to the Health District, the inspector has reached out to the facility, but they have yet to respond.

And Hector's Peanuts at the Broadacres swap meet was shut down March 24 for no water and no ability for employees to wash their hands. Also, Hector himself was working with an expired health card. It re-opened later that same day with an A grade.

We tried to reach the managers at each of these locations but none of them returned our phone calls.

Documents from this week's Dirty Dining

Weekly Restaurant Inspection Downgrade Report

Inspection report for Hector's Peanuts

Inspection report for Cambridge Market

Inspection report for Carey Mini Mart Snack Bar

Inspection report for Nozomi Sushi

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