Greens and Grill gets second C grade on Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Greens and Grill on Rancho near Charleston narrowly avoided shut down with a 40-demerit C grade on March 27, making it the second consecutive C downgrade on a routine inspection.

When we arrived on Tuesday, we found signs posted on the door saying, "Sorry for inconvenience. Not open until further notice. Construction."

But staff was inside for a meeting. And we learned it was an intervention required by the Health District.

Greens and Grill self-closed to make sure staff could focus on the training.

"They work with us -- the Health Department -- so they show us the right way," said Manager Hasib Sarwar.

At the March 27 inspection, the Health District found excessive mold on banana squash and kiwis.

Boiled eggs and cooked chicken were not date labeled.  

Raw eggs were stored over raw produce and raw chicken and raw beef kabobs were stored over an open pan of ready-to-eat chicken.

"I just explain to him we don't have too many place for that so we just now--we're working on that," Sarwar said.

"The can opener and the blender blade they said were encrusted with dried food debris but were actually stored as clean," Darcy Spears pointed out.

"Yes. When the time they coming we open up a lot of cans because of salad bar," said Sarwar.

The inspector also found mold and slime in a freezer.

"When you get that C, what is that like for you guys?" Spears asked.

"Actually, when we got it I don't feel good because we're like top of the line right now in here so we just talk about that so we're not gonna get C anymore," said Sarwar.

And as of Wednesday, April 11, they did get their A grade back with zero demerits.

Our two imminent health hazard closures include a coffee house and a food truck.  

Holley's Cuppa on Cimarron and Blue Diamond was shut down March 27 after inspectors validated a complaint for no running water. But they re-opened the same day with a zero-demerit A grade.  

Owner Holley Steeley sent the following statement:

"Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me regarding the water situation. 

"Property Management informed us that the water would be shut off for a brief period that day. When we showed up to work we had running water so we made the decision to keep the shop open until the water and reserve tank ran out.

"Right around the time that happened, the Health Department stopped in and told us we had to shut our doors. Within the next hour the water was turned back on and we were given permission by the Health Department to reopen the same day. I understand what we did wrong and I have made proper adjustments to insure this never happens again." 

Tacos Colima truck number 3 was shut down March 27 for inadequate refrigeration.  

Inspectors found the truck at Pic-A-Part on Lamb where they watched a food handler using bare hands to prepare tacos.

Hot dogs, chicken, shrimp and beef were all at unsafe temperatures and had to be thrown out.

There was no sanitizer whatsoever on the truck.

Raw hamburger was stored over ready-to-eat cheese.

Bags of raw chicken, beef and pork were co-mingled in the cooler.

And the handsink was blocked from use.

Tacos Colima re-opened March 30 with a 5-demerit A grade.  

We were unable to reach a manager for comment.

Documents for this week's Dirty Dining

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Inspection report for Tacos Colima Mobile #3

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