Food trucks, teriyaki and dim sum on Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - The dining is dirtiest this week inside the Rio Hotel Casino at KJ Dim Sum and Seafood.

The Rio does not own or operate the restaurant, and the man who does says they're trying hard and doing their best to fix things, but won't talk on camera.

KJ Dim Sum and Seafood's cookline was re-inspected this afternoon and is now back to a three-demerit A grade, but the Chinese restaurant had been operating since October 23 with a 40-demerit C--just one point short of shut down.  

The most critical violations were for improper handwashing:

  • One employee handled dirty dishes, then clean ones without washing hands.  
  • Another failed to wash after putting raw ducks into a pot boiling of water with his bare hands.  
  • Inspectors had to do three handwashing demonstrations for three different employees during their visit.

Inspectors also found multiple expired foods held past their seven-day use-by dates, including cooked bbq chicken that was nearly three weeks old, cooked pork that had been there for two weeks and cooked eggs that dated back to June.

Three bus tubs full of ducks were at unsafe temperatures. So were noodles, tofu, shrimp and pork on the hot line.  

The floor under equipment was quite dirty and part of the kitchen floor was buckling and crumbling

Also, two food handlers were found working without health cards.


Once a fixture at the busy corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara, Taqueria El Buen Pastor is no more.  

The repeat offender food truck is making it's third and final appearance on Dirty Dining after the Health District shut it down for good--permanently revoking the health permit for that location.  

The final straw came on October 25 when it was shut down for the second time in six months.

Inspectors found two imminent health hazards: the wastewater tank was leaking onto the ground and the only hand sink was backing up with gray water.  

The Health District says Taqueria El Buen Pastor's history of failed inspections shows a pattern of noncompliance with basic food safety and health district regulations, so they can no longer be allowed to operate in a way that endangers public health.

Teriyaki Madness is another repeat offender--in name at least.  

The location on Decatur and Sahara is the second one to be on Dirty Dining.  

It was shut down after failing re-inspection with repeat critical and major violations, including food at unsafe temperatures and heavy old, dried food debris built up on equipment stored as clean.

The last imminent health hazard closure came at another food truck. Nuevo Vallarta #2 was taken off the road for inadequate refrigeration leaving lots of food at unsafe temperatures, including raw meat stored in a trash bag.

Teriyaki Madness is back to a 3-demerit A grade and Nuevo Vallarta #2 got its A grade back with zero demerits.

SNHD documentation for restaurants featured in this week's Dirty Dining:

KJ Dim Sum & Chinese Seafood Restaurant inspection report from 10/23/17

Nuevo Vallarta Hot Truck inspection report from 10/25/17

Taqueria El Buen Pastor inspection report from 10/25/17

Taqueria El Buen Pastor permit suspension letter from 10/25/17

Teriyaki Madness on Decatur inspection report from 10/24/17

PHOTOS from each of these restaurants are in the media player at the top of this page. All inspection photos were taken by the Southern Nevada Health District.

View the SNHD weekly downgrade report for 10/23-10/29/17

This is the report used to determine which restaurants are featured on Dirty Dining. 36 restaurants were downgraded on their inspection by Southern Nevada Health District. 21 received a B downgrade, 12 received a C downgrade and 3 were listed as closed with fees.

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