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Five-time repeat offender Kapit Bahay plus roaches at Makino sushi on Dirty Dining

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jul 18, 2018

Kapit Bahay Filipino fast food was just on Dirty Dining in May, so this marks their second C grade in just two months.

The Health District noted they have a history of non-compliance and required an intervention training.

The five-time repeat offender in Chinatown Plaza on Spring Mountain got a 39-demerit C grade on its July 6 inspection. And the C was still there on the 16th when we stopped by.

"We want to get your side of the story and find out why you guys keep getting downgraded and they said you have a history of non-compliance--which we know about," said Darcy Spears to the person in charge, who ducked behind a pole to avoid the camera.  

She's the employee who health inspectors have repeatedly written up for improper handwashing. Most recently, she drank from a cup, then touched her face, then handled customer food without washing her hands.

Inspectors also found pork belly, chicken stew, garbanzo beans and raw chicken that had to be thrown out due to unsafe temperatures.  

Rice was stored under a dirty drain board.  

Dishes and a cutting board were not properly sanitized.  

Bulk food bins were cracked and dirty.

And there was excessive carbon residue on woks.  

Also, a large roast thawing at room temperature had to be tossed out and there was spoiled coconut milk rice cake (sapin sapin) sitting on bags of rice.

"Would you like to call the owner and see if we can set an appointment to talk?" Spears asked.

Person in charge: I don't know what is the number, ma'm. Sorry.
Darcy Spears: You don't know how to reach the owner of your own restaurant?
Person in charge: No.

She points to the number on the business card, which rings right back to her at the restaurant.  

But eventually we did reach the owner on the phone.  

She wouldn't go on camera, but said Kapit Bahay was being run by her parents until she took over just a few weeks ago. She knows they're on probation with the Health District, but says they're renovating, hiring new staff and have already done intervention training. 

Our first of two closures is at another place inspectors say has a pattern of non-compliance, including operating during an imminent health hazard.  

Makino sushi bar on Decatur near Flamingo was shut down July 6 for a multi-generational German cockroach infestation.  

Roaches dead and alive were visible throughout the kitchen and there was a lot of food debris under equipment.  

They had an intervention training too and were back to a 3-demerit A grade on July 9.

And Antojitos Guayabitos food truck--another Dirty Dining repeat offender--was shut down July 6 for inadequate refrigeration. There was also no hot water and a wastewater tank leaking onto the ground.

AntojitosGuayabitos was back to a zero-demerit A grade on July 11.  

We were unable to reach anyone there or at Makino for comment.