Dirty Dining: Lee's Korean BBQ, Wet'n'Wild, Outback Steakhouse and more

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - At Woonam Jung on Spring Mountain and Rainbow, health inspectors photographed a cockroach that had a little too much sugar as it was belly up inside a bulk container.

Woonam Jung is also known as Lee's Korean Barbecue. It got a 38-demerit C grade on its June 19 inspection.

Inspectors documented a repeat violation for improper cooling leaving multiple containers of soup and broth at unsafe temperatures. Utensils were stored in lukewarm standing water. Short ribs were thawing at room temperature, and a container of food was stored on the dirty freezer floor. Floors under equipment and in the walk-in cooler were dirty too.

"We are one of the largest barbecues in Las Vegas, but, I mean, it happens, but there's nothing wrong with it," said Tina Lee, the person in charge.

The restaurant was ordered to provide food safety training to staff before reinspection, which is expected on July 11.

On the imminent health hazard closure list, some very popular places beginning with Wet'n'Wild.  

The snack bar was shut down June 25 due to a repeat violation for operating without hot water and for failing reinspection from a previous C grade it got on June 19.  

There was also a repeat violation for food like roasted corn, hot dogs, and cheese held in the temperature danger zone. And shelving, racks, handles, and counters were all dirty with accumulated oil, soil and food debris.  

The snack bar reopened June 26 with a 3-demerit A.  

As a reminder, 0-10 demerits is an A grade, 11-20 is a B, 21-40 is a C and 41 or more results in closure. If an establishment gets a C, reinspection is required after 15 days or sooner if requested and must result in 10 demerits or less with no identical repeat critical or major violations. Failure on reinspection results in closure.

The Riverside Snacks trailer at Wet'n'Wild was also shut down June 19 for operating without any running water.

Employees couldn't wash utensils or their hands, and the person in charge was unable to demonstrate food safety knowledge. 

It reopened with a 3-demerit A on June 27.

Wet'n'Wild sent the following statement: 

Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas immediately rectified the issues which resulted in the temporary closure and is now operating at an A-rating. The safety and well-being of our visitors is of the utmost importance to Wet'n'Wild. We conduct regular inspections and will work to refine these processes so that we can prevent this from happening again.

Another popular place with an imminent health hazard is Outback Steakhouse on Rainbow and Lake Mead.

It was shut down June 19 for inadequate refrigeration but it also got enough demerits to earn a C grade had it been allowed to stay open.  

A food handler used bare hands on a ready-to-eat hamburger. Clean kitchenware was stored on a dirty shelf and floors under equipment had a build up of old food debris.

Outback Steakhouse reopened June 21 with a zero-demerit A grade.

Outback's new general manager said they worked closely with the Health District and would've been allowed to re-open the same night, but decided to stay closed to thoroughly address all their issues. He said his priority is customer safety and this won't happen again moving forward.

The last imminent health hazard closure came at Ma and Pa Kettle Corn at the Downtown Summerlin Farmer's Market. 

The kettle corn vendor was shut down June 23 for operating without hot water.

It also got 25 demerits as inspectors watched the only foodhandler handle money and lemons for lemonade without handwashing, noting that the lemon rinds go directly into the drinks.  

There was also employee food stored on the ice used for customer drinks and the only foodhandler's health card had expired in March. Ma and Pa Kettle Corn did not have a valid health permit.  

It passed reinspection and reopened on June 27. No one returned our call for comment.

Documents from this week's Dirty Dining report:

Wet N Wild Snack Bar inspection report

Wet N Wild Snack Bart reinspection report

Woonam Jung inspection report

Outback Steakhouse inspection report

Outback Steakhouse reinspection report

Weekly restaurant downgrade report

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