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Dirty Dining: Kusina Ni Lorraine gets second C downgrade in six months

Repeat offender blames violations on being busy
Posted at 10:45 PM, Dec 20, 2017

Just as we walk in the door, the action begins.

A customer saw us and skedaddled without ordering his lunch. 

But a note to the dining public... It shouldn't be just seeing us. It should also be seeing that C grade that causes people to think twice.

Kusina Ni Lorraine on West Ann Road in North Las Vegas is a Dirty Dining repeat offender.  

The Filipino fast food restaurant got a 38-demerit C grade, just three demerits short of getting shut down.

Inspectors found an excessive amount of food left out at room temperature and saw an employee chopping vegetables with bare hands.  

Three pans of pork had to be tossed out because they were improperly cooled.  

And raw chicken and uncovered raw beef were stored over raw shrimp.

Edith Beltran, the person in charge when we were there, blamed the restaurant's problems on under-staffing in the kitchen during a busy lunch rush when the inspector showed up.

"We really cannot do lots of things at the same time," Beltran said.

"You know you have to keep the public safe and make sure you abide by the rules even when you are busy," said Darcy Spears. "You're just saying that it just gets hard sometimes?"

"Yeah, it's hard," Beltran said. "Especially when we have lots of orders."

The inspector found the back door to the kitchen had been left open.  

Scoops had been left inside rice, flour and sugar bins with handles touching food.  

Several containers of meat and shrimp were not date labeled.  

And warmer knobs were dirty.  

That left Kusina Ni Lorraine with its second C downgrade in six months.

"We promise," Beltran said. "This is the last time."

There's one imminent health hazard closure at Puerto Rico Express on Las Vegas Boulevard near Wyoming.  

It was shut down for no hot water.

Kusina Ni Lorraine must have an intervention training conference with the Health District before they can be reinspected.  

Puerto Rico Express re-opened with a zero-demerit A grade.