Dirty Dining: Balboa Pizza Company, Caesars Palace, Paris and more

Complaints of food poisoning at Balboa Pizza

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - There were four suspected cases of foodborne illness in two different groups of people who ate at Balboa Pizza Company on two different dates: June 15 and June 22.  

Inspectors investigating the reports shut down the restaurant in The District at Green Valley Ranch on June 26 for the imminent health hazard of inadequate refrigeration.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists improper holding temperatures for food as one of the main contributing factors to foodborne illness. That's because pathogens you intend to control by refrigeration could multiply and produce toxins if it's too warm in the fridge.

Inspectors also found:

  • Fruit flies in the mop sink and ware wash area
  • A soiled wiping cloth on the salad prep table
  • Improper cooling of food
  • Improper handwashing

"We came to get your side of the story about what went on with all of that and we'd just like to speak to the person in charge," said Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears.

"You know, I really don't feel comfortable talking about that right now," said General Manager Amy Barragan, "but everything's good, kitchen is up and going."

Darcy Spears: You don't feel comfortable? We would love to get your side of the story if you can help us understand. I mean, there were two groups on two different days that complained about food poisoning, so obviously, that's going to be a big concern for you guys.

Amy Barragan: Sure! Yeah, we definitely don't take that lightly. We just had some equipment issues in the kitchen and we got some brand new stuff in and everything's working good."

Barragan says the business is more than 13 years old so it was time for some new equipment.

"We're a team with the Health District. They're on our side and we're on theirs. So obviously we're going to cooperate with whatever they need us to do. Obviously, I wish things could have went a little bit differently, but, we're on the up and up from here."

Balboa Pizza reopened June 28 with a zero-demerit A grade.

On the strip, there were two closures at two hotel-casinos. The Apostrophe service bar at Caesars Palace was shut down June 27 for no hot water and sewage backing up all over the floor.

It reopened June 28 with a nine-demerit A grade. During reinspection, inspectors noted someone had removed the closure sign, and that floors were excessively sticky and dirty.

At the Paris hotel-casino, there was an imminent health hazard closure on June 27 of the St. Louis Cafe dish room due to "multi-generational cockroaches and gross unsanitary conditions." 

The dishwashing area was heavily soiled and wet due to food debris, excessive leaks and structural damage. It re-opened June 28 with a zero-demerit A grade.

A spokesperson for Caesars Entertainment said, "While the initial inspections of the Apostrophe Bar at Caesars Palace and the St. Louis Café at Paris Las Vegas revealed areas for improvement, we are happy to report that a re-inspection of both facilities showed all issues were addressed and our A ratings were reinstated."

More cockroaches at Espiga de Oro bakery inside the El Campo market on Lake Mead and Civic Center. A particularly "high level of cockroach activity in the bakery cooking area and storage area" caused the closure on June 27. There was also excessive dirt and food debris inside the refrigerator, on handles, doors, equipment and floors.  

It reopened on June 29 with a three-demerit A grade even though inspectors still saw some small roaches. The manager did not return our call for comment.

And El Triunfo restaurant on Charleston and Lamb was shut down June 27 for failing reinspection from a previous C downgrade.  

There were repeat violations for expired food including milk that was 11 days past its use-by date and cooked pork and sauces that were eight or nine days old. 

El Triunfo reopened June 29 with a three-demerit A grade. The owner did not return our call for comment.

Documents for this week's Dirty Dining report:

Weekly restaurant downgrade report from the Southern Nevada Health District

Balboa Pizza complaint report

Balboa Pizza inspection report

Balboa Pizza reinspection report

Apostrophe Bar at Caesars Palace inspection report

Apostrophe Bar at Caesars Palace reinspection report

Espiga de Oro inspection report

Espiga de Oro reinspection report

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