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Cool Bar, Mixx Grill and Rusty Spur on Dirty Dining

Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 12:28:26-05

You've probably heard the saying "Don't poop where you eat."  

But that obviously doesn't apply to cockroaches.  

They're eating and pooping all over the kitchen at Cool Bar where a multi-generational infestation caused health inspectors to shut the place down with 31 demerits.

Walking toward the restaurant on Spring Mountain and Arville is Dirty Dining deja vu. 

We've been there twice before when it was Hot Feel in 2014 and Liang's Kitchen in 2015, but the cockroaches are a new problem.

Cool Bar is back to a three-demerit A grade, but it was closed for a week after its Nov. 2 inspection when roaches and their feces were found throughout the facility--on a hanging apron, on food prep tables, and there was a mass of roach feces on the wall behind a poster about sanitation.

The manager told inspectors the "Infestation has been getting worse and he increased his pest control treatments to twice a month."

When we went to Cool Bar to ask the person in charge if he'd like to participate in our story and offer his side of things, he asked us to stop filming and said he had no comment.

Inspectors say the roaches were likely drawn to excessive dirt and food debris on floors, walls and plumbing fixtures.  

Also, defects and holes in ceiling tiles and walls may have allowed the bugs in.

As for the food, Cool Bar was storing raw meat over ready to eat bok choy.  

Peas and carrots were stored uncovered.  

So was raw beef and cooked corn which were in the same bin.  

And the deli slicer was soiled with dried meat debris, but stored as clean.

Mixx Grill and Lounge on Rampart in the Boca Park shopping center was shut down after someone complained the restaurant had been operating with no hot water for about two weeks.  

Inspectors found no hot water when they arrived to follow up on the complaint, so they found it to be valid and shut Mixx down.  

They also wrote up 30 demerits for the grill.  

They found a carton of egg whites with a use by date of Sept. 27--expired for nearly a month, yet it was open and sitting on a prep table.  

They also found all the cooking equipment was greasy and all shelves, counters, coolers and the oven were dirty with old food debris.

Rusty Spur Saloon at the Highland Inn motel on Dean Martin near Blue Diamond was shut down for the same imminent health hazard--no hot water.

Rusty Spur reopened with an 8-demerit A grade.  

Mixx Grill now has a 6-demerit A.

Documentation from Southern Nevada Health District:

Rusty Spur Saloon inspection report

Mixx Grill inspection report

Mixx Grill complaint

Mixx Grill -Iron Lounge inspection report

Cool Bar inspection report

SNHD Weekly Restaurant Inspection Downgrade Report

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