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Betito's food truck and Roshi Sushi on Dirty Dining

Posted at 10:45 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 13:13:54-04

Inspectors tracked down a Betito's Catering food truck at Tropicana and Decatur on May 1.  

Their 38-demerit C grade left them one violation short of shut down, but Betito's ended up self-closing due to some major repair needs inspectors identified.  

There were problems with adequate water supply and cooking equipment but they managed to get everything fixed quickly and reopened the next day with a zero-demerit A grade.

On May 1, inspectors saw a food handler wash hands in a sanitizer bucket.  

There was an excessive leak with continuous water draining from pipes out the side of the truck and grease build-up inside the hood and fan unit.

Ready to eat ham was contaminated by a piece of raw pork.  

There was a container of tomato paste on top of ready to eat ham and cheese.  

And multiple foods were in the temperature danger zone, including deli ham, raw pork and raw beef.

Betito's owner declined to go on camera but sent a statement which says: "We apologize for any inconvenience. It's not who we are. On that day we simply weren't ready to go out to work and we still took a chance and this happened. We learned from our mistakes and know how to prevent this from ever happening again in the future. We had a problem with our water pump which was the biggest issue that was fixed that same day and fortunately we got our A back the next day. This is a starting business and we are learning as we go, bettering the quality of our service". 

The other closure came at Roshi Sushi, an independent contractor that operates inside the Smith's grocery store on Desert Inn and Decatur. Smith's does not own or operate the sushi establishment in any way but says it will keep close tabs on them.

The sushi bar was closed due to excessive points on its initial operational inspection. They needed 10 demerits or less but got 25.  

Inspectors saw improper handwashing and cut bell peppers that were not washed before prepping. 

There was a heavy accumulation of sticky, slimy and foul-smelling substances on the underside of a cutting board.  

Sushi rolls and bowls prepared from cold ingredients were sitting out on the counter more than 20 degrees higher than what's considered a safe temperature.

Raw seafood was stored over ready to eat foods, produce and sauces.  

Chemicals were stored over food.  

And there was a heavy accumulation of old grease and debris in the 3-compartment sink and on a shelf where food is stored.  

Because this is an independent contractor operating separately from Smith’s, the chain directed us to Roshi Sushi.  

Senior Vice President H.J. Kim sent the following statement:

"The quality and safety of our food and facilities are always our top priorities.

"Roshi Sushi brand began taking over the operation of Smith’s in-store sushi kiosks in early 2018,
gradually switching over stores location by location. We have never received less than an “A” rating during a health inspection, and were appalled when we learned that in transitioning in a new chef to this one store there were problems. We have already addressed the issues, including bringing in a new chef. The new Roshi team is meeting with the Health Inspector next Tuesday (May 22), and we fully anticipate to pass the inspection with our usual “A” rating at that time.

"Please note the Southern Nevada Health District website appears to populate its online reports based on physical address, versus the actual operator. We thank Darcy Spears and Channel 13 News for bringing this discrepancy to our attention, and we will be contacting the Health Inspector about this problem as it incorrectly attributes past inspections to our brand."