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Mayor speaks about BC police chief resignation

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 09:58:11-05
UPDATE: Boulder City Mayor Rod Woodbury spoke to Action News about the scandal happening in his city.
It started with the former animal control supervisor accused of illegally killing animals, which reportedly led to the city's police chief resigning.
The City Council meeting in Boulder City had 15 agenda items Tuesday night. The police chief's resignation wasn't one of them.
No one from the public had any questions about the case either, like who might lead their police department now.
The city spokesman told Action News it could be months before a new chief is appointed. In the meantime, it's up to the city manager to pick an interim chief.
After the City Council meeting, we asked Mayor Woodbury some questions. 
We asked, if in fact, former Police Chief Bill Conger had knowledge of what was reportedly happening to the animals, does he think Conger should be held criminally liable?
"That's why we have an ongoing investigation with the DA's office. If in fact there is some liability there, then that's going to come out, I assume, in the investigation," Woodbury said.
We also asked the mayor if he had any words for the hundreds of families in Boulder City who potentially lost their pets to unlawful euthanization.
"To the extent that these people have lost their pets, obviously our hearts go out to them," he said. "There's not words that anybody can have that can bring back their pets or sympathize enough for their losses."
The mayor also told Action News he believes the new Animal Control leader is doing a great job and is taking the right steps for the organization.
More fallout from the case of a former Boulder City Animal control worker who may have been breaking the law euthanizing animals in her care.
Now,the police chief who she worked under for years resigned suddenlyand Action News went to Boulder City to get answers.
Boulder City retained someone to serve as their spokesperson because of all the media attention over the police chief's resignation and animal control controversy.
JC Davis and the City of Boulder City have a three month contract.
Despite multiple attempts by Action News, we still have not heard from the Boulder City Police Chief Bill Conger.
The new city spokesman, JC Davis, says no one at the city has heard from him either since his resignation Sunday.
Conger was hired through Total HR, and submitted his resignation directly to them.
Davis confirmed to Action News it was tied to the city's investigation into former head of Animal Control, Mary Jo Frazier. 
The head of Animal Control reports to the chief of police. Frazier served under Conger and is predecessor. 
We went to the Boulder City Police Department for answers.
They referred us to Davis, who said the City Manager is deciding who will serve as the acting chief, while he looks for someone to fill the position permanently.
The City Manager was not in the office when we came by.
We went to the home of City Councilman Cam Walker. His wife answered the door and said he told her he had not yet been briefed on the situation with the Chief.
Walker called us later and said he expected to hear more before the Tuesday City Council meeting. 
We also went to the Mayor's house, but no one opened the door.
As for Frazier, the city submitted a case against her to the Clark County District Attorney.
An affidavit written last spring -- but never filed -- said she overstepped the limits of her job and the law by euthanizing animals illegally.
The rumor throughout Boulder City is that she has left the state for the Pacific Northwest. 
Davis also confirmed that Frazier was eligible to collect city retirement when she left her job last spring.
He says that is run through the state, so they do not have her address or know where she is.