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Henderson seizes $300K in illegal marijuana products

Posted at 8:23 AM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 11:25:55-04

Henderson police say a drug bust resulted in nearly $300K in marijuana products being seized.

It happened May 15. Members of the Southern Nevada Heroin Task Force stopped a vehicle on Boulder Highway during a proactive enforcement.

During the stop, it was learned that marijuana products were being unlawfully sold and distributed from an illegal residential dispensary on the 800 block of Sheerwater Avenue, Henderson.

As a result, the following was seized:

* $2,299.00 dollars of U.S. currency.
* Marijuana THC Edibles (Cookies, Brownies, Candies) (745 packages), (23,960) grams gross (52.82 LBS).
* Concentrated Marijuana wax (1,055 individual packages, multi flavored), (22,922) grams gross (28.48 LBS).
* THC vaporizer cartridges (3,565 cartridges, multi flavored), (74,321.1) grams gross (163.84 LBS).
* Marijuana, (760) grams gross (1.67 LBS).
* Concentrated Marijuana THC syringes (282 packages), (1,820) grams gross, (4.01 LBS).
The approximate commercial value for the illegal items seized was $299,180.00 dollars.