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Violent crime spree in Sun City Summerlin

Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 22:19:28-04
Sun City Summerlin is on high alert after a recent crime spree filled with gunshots and break-ins.
Sun City security wants to make sure every neighbor stays aware and cautious.
The community is the victim of two attempted robberies that could have ended deadly and 4 break-ins that left major damage. This all happened in a four day period, April 7 to April 10.
The news was sent to Sun City residents in an email from the HOA.
The crime spree started early on April 7 when a gunman approached a man on a golf cart. He wanted the man's wallet, but he was denied. The gunman fired at the man, but the shots missed and he took off. Neighbors say it's time to take precautions. 
"I can carry a gun," said neighbor Bill Sheer. "I may start carrying the gun with me."
The email reports that shortly after the first attempted robbery, another one occurred in a nearby parking lot. That victim was also able to get away unharmed after convincing the robber he had no money.
"It gives you chills, and you think you need more protection," said neighbor Mary Anderson.
In that same weekend, burglars broke into the Sun City computer lab and stole $11,000 worth of technology.
"I don't want to be afraid," said Anderson.
The email also reports three home break-ins that weekend.
Maybe some of this publicity might keep some of these people out since they'll realize that people are more vigilant now," said neighbor Jack Spargo.
The security patrol staff is made of volunteers and the chief says the agency is in desperate need of more.
"We're running with maybe two cars or maybe three cars because we don't have enough volunteers," said chief Bill Henriod. "If we had more volunteers then we'd be able to have the cars on the road more often."
He says neighbors must protect themselves and each other before depending on Metro, because the Sun City crime rate is generally low so it's not one of Metro's top priorities.
"Usually burglars are in and out in less than 10 minutes so even if they call police, the chance of having an immediate response is not good," said Henriod.
The security chief is confident that the crime rate in Sun City will remain low. He doesn't expect another crime spree like this anytime soon.