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Return of mask mandate brings new signage, compliant guests to Las Vegas Strip

Nevada reimplemented its mask mandate Friday
Return of mask mandate brings new signage, compliant guests to Las Vegas strip
Return of mask mandate brings new signage, compliant guests to Las Vegas strip
Return of mask mandate brings new signage, compliant guests to Las Vegas strip
Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 23:11:48-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If you're heading anywhere indoors this weekend where you'll be around other people, make sure to mask up. Friday is the first day Nevada's mask mandate is back in effect and it applies to everyone, regardless of whether you're vaccinated or not.

13 Action News visited two Las Vegas Strip properties, Treasure Island and the Venetian, and found, for the most part, guests were following the new rules.

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New signage is helping to spread the message. Signs that read "face masks required" and "all guests...must wear a face mask" were posted throughout the casinos, hotels, lobbies and sportsbooks, reminding guests that masks are once again required, regardless of vaccination status.

Most guests 13 Action News talked to were happy to comply with the new mask mandate.

"We just wear it indoors and around people as much as we can because we're still in a pandemic and we're fully vaccinated," said Virginia, visiting from California.

"I guess we're going back again, but we wanted to keep Vegas open and this is what really concerns our locals -- to be able to continue and not be on unemployment again," said Moshe Guy, an employee at a Grand Canyon booth on the Strip.

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"I'm excited about it," Guy added. "I want people to be safe and we want the internationals to come. This is what we're really waiting for."

"You gotta protect yourself. I'm fine with it," said Adrienne, a tourist from Tennessee. "If you gotta wear it inside, that's fine. Outside, not so much. But when there are so many people, put a mask on. That's it. It's the new norm now."

"It doesn't bother me to wear the mask. As far as myself and our family and having a daughter, that's all I care about. I gotta make sure we're safe," said Joe, also visiting from California.

There were some who were slower to the party. For the folks who still weren't wearing masks indoors, 13 Action News didn't see any security or employees enforcing the new mask mandate, but others say they did.

"I have been seeing them enforcing it in the casinos. I've been seeing security walking around telling people, 'Put your mask on, put your mask on,'" said Chevanda, another tourist from Tennessee.


"So, I have mine on," she said. "The dealers and everyone else we're around have theirs on, but then when you're eating and drinking you don't have it on, so it's kinda a give and take."

Of all the tourists 13 Action News talked to, it seemed everyone understood the need to bring back the mask policy to slow the spread of the Delta variant, and they're glad Nevada is no longer leaving the public's health in the public's hands.

"I'm really kinda glad that they are [bringing back the mandate], in a sense, just because there are a lot of people that don't want to get vaccinated. And I guess it's their choice, but the least they can do is wear a mask in that case, just make sure everybody is safe," said Jeremy Kenney, a tourist from Texas.

It's worth noting that 13 Action News got the opinions of a small group of people from two Strip properties. Other resorts may be enforcing the mask mandate more or less, but all of these properties are now required to post signage notifying patrons where face coverings are required.