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CONTACT 13: Person helps rental car scam victim

Posted at 11:00 PM, Feb 15, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:46:08-05
An update now to a story 13 Action News brought you last week. A valley mother falls victim to a scam, leaving her struggling to make ends meet. But Contact 13 is delivering some much-needed help.
"Oh my God. Wow. She gave me $3,000," says Demisha Dyles.
She can't believe it. This single mother of 2 is smiling again, thanks to the generosity of an unknown donor.
"I'm really thankful for, oh my gosh, this is such a blessing," Dyles says.
She recently fell victim to a car rental scam. She's been taking the bus to get to her new job at McCarran Airport. When we first spoke with her, Dyles told us about the Nissan Versa she found for rent on Craigslist.
"They came in my house, we did the contract and everything ... It came out to $675 altogether," Dyles says.
But she says not long after the car was dropped off at her apartment, the car disappeared. She tried calling the company, but there was no answer.
"I couldn't believe that happened to me," Dyles says.
After our story aired, a valley resident who wishes to remain anonymous called 13 Action News wanting to help. She wrote Dyles a short letter.
"I'm so happy I'm able to help you. I can't wait to do my house repairs, but you need this now," Dyles says reading the letter.
Her story serves as a warning for others.
"Rental car companies have to be licensed as dealers in the state of Nevada," says Kevin Malone with the DMV.
Contact 13 spoke with the DMV. Their Compliance Enforcement Division is investigating, and says it's received similar complaints. As for Dyles' unknown angel, she has a word of advice for Dyles.
"Look to the future and fun of raising your children. I know it's difficult sometimes, but believe me it will be worth it," Dyles says reading the letter.
So here's the Contact 13 bottom line: If you find a rental agency online, remember the company must have a physical location. If you have a problem with a licensed or unlicensed rental car company, file a complaint with the DMV
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