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CCSD opens investigation into alleged inappropriate behavior by associate superintendent

Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 16:56:30-05

A new investigation is underway in the Clark County School District involving one of their own high-level administrators.

The school district will spend up to $50,000 on an outside firm they've hired to investigate allegations of inappropriate behavior and use of improper influence by Associate Superintendent Edward Goldman. 

In order to protect all CCSD employees, a decision has been made to hire an outside investigator to look into the concerns expressed in the former employee's letter. This investigator has been previously utilized by the county for an investigation and was recommended by Mary Anne Miller, Clark County, county counsel, and also provides advice to the CCSD Board of School Trustees. 

It's happening at the same time trustees are searching for a new superintendent to lead our public school system. 

Donald "Doc" Harris, a long time CCSD employee, retired last week from his position as Director in Employee Management Relations.  

In this letter to the Board of Trustees, Harris claims he and others were subjected to "inappropriate and racially motivated behavior by Goldman." 

Among other things, Harris charges that Goldman openly says he doesn't care about support staff.  He also claims "every person Goldman hurt, employment wise, is a person of color." 

Goldman tells Contact 13 that is absolutely not true. He denied the allegations in the Harris letter sent to Trustees, calling many of them outright lies.   

Last year, as we reported in a Contact 13 investigation, Goldman allowed CCSD Police Detective Christoper Klemp to keep his job.  

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Klemp was caught on tape disclosing confidential information about ongoing internal affairs investigations, telling another officer to lie about the source of that information and threatening to come after him if he spoke the truth about it. Goldman cited a "minor notification oversight" in his decision to keep Klemp on the CCSD payroll.

Goldman told us he has nothing to hide and welcomes the investigation and that using an outsider, who is less likely to be biased, is a good idea. 

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