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Alleged Pomeranian puppy mill operator continues to violate county code

San Bernardino County issues Notice of Violations
Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 16:56:30-05

The woman who had 164 Pomeranians seized from a U-haul appears to remain defiant. 

San Bernardino County Animal Control found another 18 Pomeranians on Noela Velasco's property in Sandy Valley a month ago. They'd given her until this past Tuesday to get rid of or move the dogs and fix code violations.  

Though the deadline has passed, the conditions remain. San Bernardino officials say Velasco refuses to allow Animal Control and Code Enforcement officers on her property. 

But they don't need to step foot inside her fence to see the problems. 

From photos and from the dirt road leading to her rural property near the Nevada border, inspectors can tell she has way too many dogs.  

She can have up to four, but that's only after she's up to code on several other issues including electrical system hazards, sanitary drainage, and garbage.  

Contact 13 first broke the story about Velasco's alleged puppy mill on November 30, after a bust by Clark County Animal Control. The 164 Pomeranians that had been stashed in this truck for hours had no food, water or ventilation.

Velasco was issued another Notice of Violation by California authorities and now has until May 3rd to fix all the problems. In the meantime, the District Attorney's office says her case in Clark County is still under review.

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