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Las Vegas community rallies around injured Chinatown restaurant worker

Chengyan Wang
Posted at 7:44 PM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2022-12-13 20:27:56-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We’re learning more about the waiter that was critically injured after a shooting at a Chinatown restaurant. He remains critically injured at a hospital after being shot several times in an attempted robbery Monday morning at Shanghai Taste.

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“He came in. He completely worked. He was very polite and very respectful.”

That’s how the staff at Shanghai Taste describe Chengyan Wang, a lead waiter whose strong work ethic was noticed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Just a good hard loyal worker.”

Managing partner Joe Muscaglione says wang was very observant on the job.

“Almost three times a week he walks by and he goes ‘You could eat anything you want, and you like the curry beef noodle soup every time. That’s all you eat,’” he said.

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Wang was badly hurt after being shot several times in an attempted robbery early Monday morning while deep cleaning the restaurant. Muscaglione says it’s a miracle wang has survived and is improving every day at the hospital.

“He’s trying to speak. He seems positive if that’s any indication of what we’re getting from him,” he said.

He says fundraising is underway to help with Wang’s medical expenses and his family who still remain in China. Proceeds from the restaurant for the rest of the year will go towards that.

“We’re going to keep going above and beyond. This is our family. We’re going to take care of him until the end,” Muscaglione said.

The Asian Chamber of Commerce set up a GoFundMe for Wang that has already received more than $6000 in less than two days. ACC president Sonny Vinuya says the Vegas community has stepped up especially from the AAPI community.

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“They really care about their own. They really want to take care of their community. Especially the people that live in that community,” he said.

He says the money will not only go toward medical expenses but also provide money for wang’s family in china as he had always done before. Vinuya says it’s common in the Asian community to send money back to a home country and it can be unsettling for a first-generation immigrant adjusting to a new environment.

“The feeling of being alone in a place with no family. You don’t know who’s going to support you and help you pretty much,” he said.

Vinuya believes Wang will get a sense of family in Vegas from the community and is encouraged by the donations so far.

“I’m hoping that we can keep on going. He needs all the help that he can get and I’m really pleased so far,” he said.

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23-year-old Rashawn Gaston-Anderson