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Authorities continue to investigate human remains found near Utah-Arizona border

Remains may be missing couple from Littlefield
Posted at 12:03 PM, Oct 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-20 15:13:49-04

The family of a missing Arizona couple says their remains may have been found nearby after the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office located human remains in the desert near the Virgin River Gorge.

Jerry and Susan McFalls disappeared in January and detectives have continued the investigation. However, officers and the Littlefield community have seen no signs of the couple since.

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"Honestly, I'm pretty sure that, it's going to be found that it's them, there are not two other people missing in the area," said relative Meridee McFalls. 

Friday, there were mixed emotions for the McFalls family. As family members said they were heartbroken but also want closure after the couple seemingly vanished without a trace. 

The remains and other evidence has been sent to an FBI crime lab, according to officials close to the situation. 

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“They (authorities) are doing dental records now. Checking the dental records on the skeletal remains that they found,” said David Bouncil, a fugitive recovery specialist. 

Bouncil has been helping the family with the ongoing investigation.  

“All we can release at this time is that the remains were on the gorge, the St. George side of the gorge," Bouncil said. 

The family said they were asked to expedite dental records as the investigation remains ongoing.