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Advocates warn of immigration scams

Posted at 11:13 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:45:48-05

As immigrants continue to face uncertainty about their future in the country, immigration advocates are advising them to beware of scams. 

President Donald Trump decided to end the DACA program earlier this year. The program allowed some immigrants who were brought to the United States as children to work in the country legally. 

Following the announcement, thousands signed up to renew their DACA permits before the deadline in October. Now, some of them are finding out they might be out of luck due to scams or poor representation. 

13 Action News spoke to a woman who asked to remain anonymous to protect the identity of her child's father. 13 Action News agreed to refer to her as "Liza". 

Liza said her child's father hired an attorney last year to help him apply for DACA. After they paid the attorney $1,000, Liza said she's been nearly impossible to contact. 

"Every time they set up an appointment with him to get his paperwork, they either cancel or they're not there," Liza said. 

She's now unsure if her child's father will be able to remain in the United States. He also lost his job because he was unable to provide proof that his DACA paperwork was in the middle of being processed. 

"We need some answers," she said. 

Liza's attorney declined to be interviewed for this story. 

The associate director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, or P.L.A.N. , Laura Martin said immigrant families should always do extensive research before hiring an attorney to handle immigration issues. 

"It's always good to make sure you're talking to someone who's not only an attorney, but an immigration attorney," Martin said. 

She said P.L.A.N. works closely with the following organizations and recommends them to anyone who needs legal help. 

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