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Upset newlyweds: Las Vegas couple ripped off

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Posted at 2:11 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 08:27:12-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A local businessman is accused of ripping off newlyweds. One couple reached out to us saying they paid him $1,000 and got nothing for it. As 13 Investigates anchor Tricia Kean reports, there's a history of him doing it to others.

"It's wrong what happened to us," says Jeff.


He and his wife Lisa were married back in June of 2018, just outside Denver, Colorado. The couple says they hired Jesse Clark as their videographer.

"Best wedding package was $1,000 for drone footage, Instagram highlight reel, 4K filming, and a livestream -- my grandma wasn't able to fly out for the wedding. So the live stream was definitely something like oh yeah, she'll be able to watch," says Lisa.

But they say none of that happened and months after the wedding, they couldn't get any answers. Clark went MIA. He wasn't answering calls or his email.


"Everything that we had that was tied to him was just; no longer active, no longer active, no longer active," says Lisa.


Ian Brander says Clark ripped him off too, after responding to a Denver Craigslist job posting.

"Was looking for a videographer, offering to pay $50 an hour to film this wedding," says Brander.


He took the job but says he was worried after a conversation with another videographer.

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"We both were there and Tom was expressing some concerns, saying that John Clark has a reputation for not paying people," says Brander.

After the wedding, Brander says he sent Clark the video, but was never paid.


"And they were already asking me to film an additional wedding not too many days later. So I said if you pay me for the first wedding, I'll take on the second one," says Brander.

He says that never happened.

"This trip to Vegas alone has cost more than the $450 that Clark scammed me. But for me, I don't like seeing a bully like Clark do this to so many people," says Brander.


13 Investigates found back in 2013, before moving to Colorado, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office ordered Clark to pay more than $500,000 for ripping off more than 150 couples.

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"He essentially fled Massachusetts with a number of warrants. The state attorney general had an order against him and he was no longer able to do business in Massachusetts," says Boston attorney Nicholas Frye.

In Las Vegas, he runs a business called Flash House Media. 13 investigates has been trying to track him down. We've tried the phone and email. Even stopped by his office, then his home address. No sign of him.


As for Jeff and Lisa, they say they just want to warn others.

"We never got any of the products or services that we paid for," says Jeff.

"To be doing it literally on the most important day of so many people's lives, it's disgusting," says Lisa.


So here's what you need to know when hiring any videographer or photographer for a wedding:

  • Always do your research and check out the company's website.
  • Read reviews from third-party sites.
  • Make sure to meet in-person before hiring anyone.
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