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Las Vegas veteran remembered in passing after beautifying alley where he used to sleep

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Posted at 6:55 AM, Apr 14, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A little more than a year ago, 13 Action News interviewed Dale Ward. He was a veteran who found a new meaning to life after finding himself homeless for about 10 years.

Ward was able to connect with U.S. Vets and Caridad, a nonprofit tackling homelessness, and helped improve the area he once stayed in downtown before his passing.

He helped beautify parts of downtown Las Vegas, including the area he once slept in.

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“It gives me a purpose. Simple but a purpose,” Ward said. That’s the box I used to sleep in right there. This is a whole different alleyway.”

Ward was working toward transitioning back into the workforce too. However, he passed away from a heart attack a couple of months ago.

“He would always call me and say you need to come to look at my flowers they're really blooming. Come look at the alley. I said I'll do that tomorrow... but tomorrow wasn’t there,” Dale’s brother Russell said.

Russell says his brother was proud of his accomplishments downtown and grateful for the opportunity to garden and plant around the area.

“His memories of this place was like rock bottom was not good,” Russel said. “So by helping clean, renovate, being part of this what you see now, it just made him feel good.”

The box where Ward used to sleep is now painted with his name and dedicated in his honor.

Even though Ward is now gone, those who knew and loved him visit the alley and box to remember the caring man he was.

“His nature has always been to give help. You know, people may not have seen it as much in his last two years, because he didn't have as much to offer, but he still would give you whatever he had,” Russell said.

More information on the Caridad is available here and on U.S. Vets here.