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Las Vegas veteran's stage 4 cancer in remission

Posted at 9:01 AM, Oct 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-14 11:32:50-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Support from friends and family can give you the strength to push through anything. For Willie Suarez, that support helped him battle stage 4 oral cancer.

“She doesn’t let me give up,” said Willie Suarez when talking about his wife Anne. “She’s been my nurse she’s been my wife, she’s been my friend.

We first introduced you to Willie back in May, when he was two months into his fight against stage 4 oral cancer. The Las Vegas veteran community put together a car parade to help lift Willie’s spirits.

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Recently, they received the phone call they’ve been praying for.

“What our oncologist said,” Willie’s wife Anne said. “He said I can definitely say by looking at your scans that you’re cured. “

Willies cancer is in remission.

“It was a moment where I felt this burden had lifted,” said Anne. “We’ve successfully accomplished that first step, that were in a state of remission at this point and were only 3 months out from end of treatment. It’s a miracle.”

Willie said this was the fight of his life.

“Sometimes she just showed me pictures of my kids and told me, this is what you have to work for. That tough love sometimes, that’s what got me through it.” Willie said.

Willie and his wife both say, they are forever grateful for the constant support from friends, family and the community during their difficult time.

“It’s been amazing, they’ve been like family,” Willie said. “They drop off food, my really good friends text me everyday .”

“We’ve come so far in this short amount of time and we want to celebrate and thank everyone that’s been so supportive and helped us through this time.” Anne said.

Willie will still have visits with the doctor alone with speech therapy, but he says he is excited to get back to a healthier and stronger version of himself.

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