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Las Vegas-area haunted houses offer top-notch scares for all ages

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Posted at 6:44 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 18:50:07-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Southern Nevada makes headlines for its desert beauty, but the Silver State is also considered one of the more active areas for paranormal activity.

And when it's Halloween season, a few local creators take the haunting to heart.

"This is the only way we know how to celebrate Halloween. If you like Halloween and horror, this is the place to be," said Freakling Bros managing partner J.T. Mollner.

And Mollner says his family knows how to put on a good scare.

"We hire live actors and performers with theater backgrounds, and we want to create the experience of a horror show which is why we call this the Freakling Bros. horror show," Mollner said.

And their Trilogy of Terror experiences is currently available in the southwest part of town.

"We have three haunted houses; all ranked No. 1 in Las Vegas. You walk into one of these haunted houses, and it's not your typical haunted house. Each room is an immersive experience where you can interact directly with all of gowls, goblins and other characters," Mollner said.

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Castle Vampyre represents all things classic Freakling and still brings the scare but also some fun.

"Castle Vampyre is fun and classic. It is the only attraction we have for tough kids. We have a group of vampires who become sick and start to feed on each other, and they are hungry and looking for you," Moller said.

The Coven of 13 takes guests through an immersive experience -- a horror show that pushes the boundaries.

"The Coven of 13 is very intense. It's a group of witches, bad witches, who need 13 in their group to be complete. So, when you go in, they are inviting you to be a part of their group and transform you into a witch, so it's up to you if they choose you," Mollner said.

And last but not least, those who dare can experience Nevada's only R-rated haunted house - the Gates of Hell.

"The Gates of Hell is very high intense, immersive and adult. Guests will experience what they would in an R-rated horror film. It's the only attraction that goes hardcore with the adult content. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before," Mollner said.

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And Henderson, your haunted house experience is available at the Galleria Mall.

Bonnie Screams is sadly no more, but one of its creators is now bringing those screams closer to town.

"We have two haunted houses here. We have Mayhem that is based on clowns and chaos, and then we have the Crimson Manor, which is a good haunted mansion scare," said Kelley Bryant, president of 31 Freak Street.

Bryant is frightening new audiences but with some familiar faces.

"The theory here is the clown school burnt down, and now the clowns have returned to amp it back up. All kinds of clowns are inside Mayhem, from scary ones to ones crawling on the floor to even one with a chainsaw," Bryant said.

Next door, the Crimson Manor is certainly not empty these days, as you'll be greeted as soon as you enter.

"The first character you'll see is sitting down in a chair, and she has a pretty interesting entry. Once you are in there, you'll see her right off the bat, but she does have a tendency just to disappear," Bryant said.

And watch out for an actual haunting as a lost girl seems to be making her presence felt on a nightly basis.

"There was a little girl who was lost in the museum, and there have been sightings of her throughout the halls. "I've actually seen her myself late at night running through the halls of the haunt," Bryant said.

Las Vegas is the city of entertainment, and your scare level can be met this Halloween season throughout the city.