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Las Vegas Stadium Authority expected to discuss Raiders timeline

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 10, 2017

The Las Vegas Stadium Authority is expected to discuss the timeline for the Raiders stadium at Thursday's meeting.

The Raiders closed the deal on the land near Russell Road and Polaris Avenue last week.

The draft of the preliminary project timeline shows a 30-month construction period.

According to the preliminary project timeline, the board and the team will spend the next few months just taking care of business, including working with Nevada Department of Transportation for road improvements and working with UNLV on how to share the stadium.

Then, they expect to start working on the site in December and start building in January. Construction is expected to be finished by June 2020, and ready for NFL opening day in August of 2020.  

Even if everything goes as planned, the Raiders stadium would be the quickest build in NFL history.  

The Falcons stadium is currently being built, but there have been several delays.  It was only supposed to take 33 months, but it should actually be done after 39 months.  

Some critics say 30 months for construction is too tight of a timeline, but others believe Las Vegas knows how to get things built quickly.

Most of the city's projects are fast-tracked for a quicker construction. Developers of a hotel or casino may start construction before the design is even complete, or they'll break up permits for construction into different packages so they can build sooner.