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Vax Nevada Days first big winner shares her experience

Posted at 9:46 PM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-15 09:08:58-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The first drawing of the Vax Nevada Days program generated a lot of reaction and surprise, especially for Elizabeth Allder, a preschool teacher who won $250,000.

Allder says it was shocking to find out the size of her prize while on stage last Thursday.

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A week before the drawing, Allder got a call from an Immunize Nevada representative and thought it was a vendor. She didn’t take the call.

A voicemail message informed her to check her email.

After responding to the email, Allder was told last Tuesday that she was one of the cash prizes winners and was asked to be present for the live drawing.

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"When I talked to them, they wouldn't give me an amount," she said. "I said well, I will be happy with anything. $1,000 would be great for my classroom."

It was not until Gov. Steve Sisolak announced her prize in front of everyone that she realized how much she had won.

On the Vax Nevada Days website, it says that winners are told in advance because:

"... Vax Nevada Days is a contest where ALL eligible Nevadans are entered to win, and winners’ names are part of the public record, we are cognizant that some Nevadans may not want their information to be made public. Additionally, HIPAA laws protect patient rights, so we must secure permission to release the identities of winning COVID-19-vaccinated patients."

It also states that winners are randomly selected by the gaming company IGT and that the process is overseen by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Allder says she has seen some negative comments online about the first drawing, some even calling it a scam.

“I truly believe it's true, that's what I can go by, I have no other reason to say it’s not and I'm happy I’m vaccinated. I know people don't want to get vaccinated and that's their personal choice, I'm happy I'm vaccinated, “she said.

Allder hasn't gotten her money just yet and says she will continue being a kindergartner teacher until it's time to retire.

If you have any questions about the drawing process, you can contact Vax Nevada Days through their website, vaxnevadadays.org