New entertainment concept Kind Heaven coming to LINQ Promenade

A new entertainment concept is set to open at The LINQ Promenade in 2019.

Kind Heaven is the result of a partnership between Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell, Immersive Artistry -- the CEO Cary Granat behind such films as "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Scream" -- and Caesars Entertainment.

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Combining technology and Hollywood-style storytelling, Kind Heaven will offer Southeast Asian culture, music, food, danger, fashion, exoticism, exploration, mystery and spiritual enlightenment. Featuring a soundscape curated by Farrell, Kind Heaven will provide a variety of experiences, from dark and mysterious back alleys to a Forest Temple and Sanctuary. Every area will feature different food, drink, and entertainment experiences and everything will be available for purchase.

“I think what we shared today is about forty percent of the cool innovation that's going to be inside Kind Heaven," says Cary Grant, Immersive Artistry. “This is a first in many respects, many few ideas originate in Las Vegas and then go to other countries.”

Kind Heaven will be family friendly by day and adult at night.

Kind Heaven will leverage state-of-the-art RF technology and advanced wearable tech to not only create a personalized experience for each visitor, but also a cash-free environment for food, beverage and retail sales. It will also be a portal for premium Asian brands currently not available in the U.S.

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