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VIDEO: Bobcat family spotted in Summerlin neighborhood

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Posted at 7:32 AM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-13 14:20:36-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Another bobcat has been spotted by a Summerlin resident, this time in The Ridges community.

Kenny Lee, of Lee's Discount Liquor, shared a couple of videos and photos of what his family saw in what appears to be in his backyard on Monday.

Lee shared with his followers on social media that the bobcat startled his daughter and the nanny when they saw the animal along with her kittens in The Ridges neighborhood.

RAW: Bobcat kittens in Summerlin

Bobcats are indigenous to Southern Nevada. They can be found in forest areas like Mount Charleston and semi-desert areas like the Las Vegas valley.

Back in February, a mountain lion was also spotted in Summerlin in a neighborhood near Hualapai Way and Desert Inn Road.

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That mountain lion was eventually captured and safely released into the wild but spotting wildlife has become pretty common for residents in the west and northwest parts of town as the valley continues to grow.

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The Nevada Department of Wildlife suggests if you spot a bobcat in a residential area you should:

  • Avoid approaching or feeding the animal
  • Spray it with a water hose or make loud noises with pots and pans if it won't leave your property
  • Clean up all trash and close all dumpsters
  • Avoid feeding small, wild animals that might become prey for wild cats

And here are some tips on what to do if you come across a mountain lion:

  • Stay calm.
  • Never run.
  • Do not approach, especially one with kittens or if the mountain lion is eating.
  • If the mountain lion is acting aggressively, throw rocks or sticks or whatever you have handy at the mountain lion.
  • Do not crouch or bend down. Try to make yourself appear larger.
  • If the animal does attack, always fight back.