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John Oliver launches campaign against Trump

Posted at 10:41 AM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 13:41:27-05

There is a new hashtag trending on social media. It is #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.

The hashtag is the result of a campaign by HBO's John Oliver.

Oliver recently took Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to task on his show "Last Week Tonight." During the smackdown, he referred to Trump as Donald Drumpf. According to journalist Gwenda Blair, Drumpf is the family's original name.

"If you are thinking of voting for Donald Trump, the charismatic guy promising to 'Make America Great Again,' stop and take a moment to imagine how you'd feel if you'd just met a guy named Donald Drumpf: a litigious serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader whom he can't decide whether or not to condemn," Oliver says.

Oliver then unveiled a new "Last Week Tonight"-owned website, www.donaldjdrumpf.com. The website pledges to "Make Donald Drumpf Again" and offers a "Drumpfinatore" Chrome extension that will automatically change every instance of "Trump" to "Drumpf" whenever it appears in a web browser.

In addition, supporters can buy hats on the website.

It's not known how many hats have been sold so far or how many people have downloaded the extension, but the hashtag is certainly trending.